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Sometimes we need to escape from it all. Watching shows about the mega-wealthy, pinning fabulous designer clothes on Pinterest, or planning what you’d eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant…

As well as a source of escapism, luxury brands can also provide inspiration for everyday video marketing campaigns. In this post, we take a look at the techniques used by some luxury brands, and some key takeaways for you and your video marketing team.

Best practices for online video SEO.

Video SEO is key to ensuring you are getting the most out of your videos. Here’s our guide to what you need to know to rise through the rankings and leverage your rich content to drive traffic to your site.

How to Say Thank You with Online Video

If your organization has recently received funding or if your customers have enabled you to hit a significant milestone, why not express your gratitude with a ‘thank you’ video? In this post, we’ll share some tips for giving thanks using online video.

Create Formula for Success with Online Video

Creativity is annoyingly fickle. Whether it’s lacking inspiration, or a bad case of writer’s block, sometimes it can take more energy just to get started with a video project than it does to film or edit it.

Overcome this all-too-common obstacle to cranking out video with a simple solution: a reliable recipe you can use again and again for different videos. Here’s how to build a durable formula for success with online video.


SproutVideo Websites


Channel your inner Liza Minelli or Justin Timberlake and bring some pizazz to your marketing videos! From tips on hiring dancers and entertainers, to practical production suggestions, this post will help you add some glitz and glamour to your marketing videos.

SproutVideo Websites

Thousands of dollars are potentially at stake, so you want to be sure to get this right: should you hire a video production studio, or do it yourself?

It’s not just the expense entailed in hiring the studio or purchasing your own equipment, it could also be lost revenue and time if the end result isn’t that great, and the video doesn’t have the desired results.

Here’s our guide to knowing when you should go it alone, or bring on the professionals.

SproutVideo Websites

If you’re part of a small team, your expertise needs to be incredibly wide-ranging. Everyday you come up with great ideas, you get creative with production, and then of course comes marketing your videos! Follow this guide to marketing videos on your own, and you can add another valuable skill to your ever-growing list.


SproutVideo Websites


You spent hours perfecting your videos, and are ready to unveil them to the world, but, now what?

Spending even more time customizing a WordPress or Squarespace theme is certainly an option. So is building your whole website from scratch, but in that case, you better know how to code.

A third option, for those of us short on time and money, would be to design and launch a customized website around your video content on SproutVideo, which takes only a matter of minutes. Sound too good to be true?

Here’s how you can get a beautiful video website up and running faster than you’d think possible with SproutVideo, with tips for making it truly yours to boot.

Sports and Video

Whether you watched the Olympics or not, one thing is clear: people are getting better and better at sports. One of the most effective (legal) tools being used to enhance performance is video, and the ways in which it’s being leveraged for athletes inspired us to explore how the same ideas could be applied to video marketing.

From performance analysis, to teaching assistance, let’s take a look at video can be used to unleash an athlete’s potential, and the lessons we can put into practice off the field.

Stranger Things

Note: We tried to avoid any specific spoilers in this post. Nevertheless, reader beware if you haven’t finished watching Stranger Things yet.

If you’re like millions of Americans, you just binge watched eight episodes of Stranger Things, the runaway success on Netflix last weekend. You might have even rewatched it while shamelessly ordering more pizza, but we’re not here to judge.

With only eight episodes in the first season, Stranger Things didn’t have a lot of time to get through their storyline. And, with relative newcomers as the writers and directors of the show, the Duffer Brothers needed to quickly achieve one of the most difficult things ever with online video – get people’s attention, and keep it.

Here’s how they pulled it off.

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