Corporate Video

It’s a message that no one wants to receive: your corporate video containing sensitive information was somehow shared outside of your company, and could potentially cause a PR nightmare. The question is, what do you do now?

Cute Child on the Beach

Are you ready for summer??

Okay, maybe it’s not quite time to break out the flip flops, but if you’ve got a video marketing strategy, chances are you’re gearing up to do some filming this May. While summer shooting might sound like a walk in the park, it has its own unique set of challenges to keep in mind.

What you definitely don’t want is to miss out on the great opportunity to shoot some fantastic summer footage because you didn’t know how to prepare, so here’s what to keep in mind as you scout locations for your first shoot of the season.

Video Production

Ever been on a shoot that seemed to just drag on and on? Or pack up your gear and hit the road, only to realize you forgot a line? Retakes and mistakes can be a real time suck if you’re not careful. The estimated time to create a video can even be a deterrent for getting started in the first place!

Here are our top tips for making sure your next shoot is streamlined and efficient, saving you time and money.

Product Video Shoot

Evergreen content is great for providing useful information, building a loyal blog following, earning thought leader status, and boosting your site’s SEO. But few companies use evergreen content to its full potential, opting instead to focus more on of-the-moment topics that will, much like the daily headlines, become less interesting by next week, and give people no reason to go rifling through older blog posts.

One challenge is actually knowing what sort of evergreen content you should be producing. In this post, we compiled a hit list of the most popular kinds of evergreen videos you can make to help spark your creativity.

Celebrating Earth Day

Like many growing companies, sometimes we get so caught up in the world of video and technology and startups and the hectic pace of city life, that we lose sight of the bigger, more fundamentally important things out there. In fact, I’m referring specifically to some of the biggest, most important things on this planet: trees.

To celebrate Earth Day in 2016, SproutVideo is launching a new initiative to give back to the planet by donating a portion of the proceeds from new video hosting accounts opened on our platform to the National Forest Foundation (NFF) to help restore America’s National Forests. Keep reading to learn more about how this program works, and some fun facts about trees!

Product Video Shoot _Image Credit: Basement Studios_

The thing about product videos is that they’re more of an art form than a science. It’s hard to pin down the exact formula that’s going to capture your target audience’s attention, get them back to your website, and compel them to buy.

What’s easier to spot, though, are the really bad product videos. You know the ones I mean—the ones you immediately click away from, the ones that scream “infomercial,” the ones that you forget as soon as they’re over.

In this post we’re laying out a few tips for making a product video that doesn’t suck. We’re pointing out the things you shouldn’t be doing, and highlighting some of the things you should … because even if product videos aren’t a science, there’s still a methodology involved.

Here’s what NOT to do.

Person Browsing on iPad in Front of Computer

The landscape of social media is highly nebulous, and the only constant is change - really rapid, pull-the-rug-out-from-under-you change. One of the areas that has seen the greatest amount of transformation is the way video is discovered and shared on nearly all major social platforms. Today, we are taking stock of where we stand in 2016, complete with a demographic breakdown of the audiences on each platform, to summarize the state of social video.

Delicious Cupcakes with Sprinkles

If you’re on Facebook or Instagram, I’m sure you’ve noticed the rising popularity of the simple, ingenious “food hack” video by now. These videos, which usually feature a “how-to-make-something” theme and show the process in short clips from above, are truly an interesting phenomenon.

They’re short, they’re engaging, and they have the uncanny ability to stop you dead in your scrolling tracks to be totally enthralled by, for example, a recipe for making cookie-and-milk shots, avocados filled neatly with ham and eggs, a banana split milkshake, or a latte with Donald Trump’s face drawn into the foam—you get the idea. It’s food, hacked, and we can’t stop watching.

Woman Walking in Umbrella Art Installation

Lately influencer marketing has been getting more air time, as more and more brands catch onto the fact that it’s no longer companies who tell consumers what to buy, but peers who influence each other—or influencers who set the tone for the masses. Here’s an indepth guide to leveraging influencer marketing tactics in your next video marketing campaign.

Woman Wearing Virtual Reality Headset _Image credit: Nan Palmero_

Virtual reality is one of those concepts that has been on the horizon for what seems like a really long time. It’s been the subject of movies, TV shows, books, articles and various other forms of speculation. Even the phrase “virtual reality” has been used so often and for so long that the actual meaning has become somewhat murky.

Recently, the technology has caught up to the hype. No longer confined to films and the occasional lab or trade show, VR is actually becoming a thing that we normal people can experience—to some degree anyway—and those in the hyper-informed echelons of the media world are letting it be known that VR is going to make a big difference to our lives. But what does this all mean for your brand, and how people interact with it?