Whether you are producing a “best practices” video for your employees or sharing instructional video for the general public, video tutorials are a key component of video offerings for most companies. All too often, though, videographers do not take full advantage of the opportunity video tutorial production offers and the result is boring content that fails to excite and, worse, goes unwatched..

With that in mind, here are six video tutorials from very different fields that get it right. Use these for inspiration and maybe a new perspective next time you’re producing a video tutorial of your own.

Fitness: Butt Workout by Equinox.

Equinox is known for its sexy marketing and your typical fitness “how-to” format would not jive with their brand. That doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t learn something. Set to energizing music, this video immediately grabs the viewer by jumping into action as the instructor moves fluidly through each of the moves. Not only does this video show you no less than eight moves in just over two minutes… it gives you something to aspire to.

Tech: Grovo’s Import Your Music to Spotify.

Grovo is a company focused in online training and video tutorials for all our favorite websites and apps. With all the offerings they have, it could be easy for their videos to get lost in the shuffle or become boring. To combat that, Grovo does two things well: In each video tutorial, they immediately state the problem they’re going to help you solve and, throughout the video, they tickle your funny bone. By stating the problem right up front, the viewer can be sure that the video they’re viewing is going to provide the answer they’re seeking and by keeping things light-hearted, Grovo sets you at ease even if you’re addressing a problem that might have been stressing you out before.

Beauty: How to Define Your Lips

Lancome Studio’s videos are short and sweet which is often exactly what their target audience needs. Identifying their product both in name and in picture to begin, Lancome then illustrates the steps in a simple and straightforward fashion. Note that they feature two very different models to showcase two very different looks that can be achieved using the same product (in different colors). Also note that they eliminate all distractions and keep the focus on the models with a clean, white backdrop.

Automotive: How to Replace Headlight Bulbs.

Car and Driver utilizes a student/teacher dynamic to teach their viewers. This works well because the “student” is relatable to most viewers and can ask the questions they would likely ask their own mechanic if they were trying to repair something on their car. The “teacher” not only shows how to perform a particular task but also has the opportunity to showcase his general expertise by offering helpful tips not directly related to the task at hand; Car and Driver then comes across as a reliable resource for all your car matters.

Food: Sons of Essex: How to Make our Peddler’s Lemonade.

Promotional Director Ronnie Flynn opens this timely video while standing outside and waxing nostalgic on warm weather days and everyone’s favorite summer beverage. Sons of Essex is a very trendy yet gritty, very New York City brand and they stay true to that (via music and imagery) all the way through. They make great use of subtitles to inform and assert their personality and, to close the video, remind you of all the ways to stay connected with them.

Honing Skills: Painting Mountains with Bob Ross.

The quintessential how-to teacher, Bob Ross mixed calm and serene with focus. Not only do his tutorials guide you each step of the way as you paint, they include information about the materials used and the techniques that are employed. This way the viewer learns about painting in general and not just how to paint a lovely landscape. While it’s probably safe to say most of us don’t end up with a painting as magnificent as Mr. Ross’, he makes it feel as if it’s possible that one day we will.

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Written by Laci Texter

SproutVideo blog contributor. You can follow her on Twitter and Google+.

Posted May 1, 2013

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