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what is video metadata and how to use it

Metadata is one of those slippery terms that, if you’re not particularly into the back-end side of programming, might leave you feeling confused and/or completely disinterested.

However, understanding a bit about metadata can be helpful as you develop and disseminate your videos through our platform, so in this post we’re going to give you a solid basic overview of the key metadata you can set for your videos on our platform to help send search engines index your content properly and drive more organic traffic its way.

On the SproutVideo platform, we’ve provided a few ways to alter the metadata on your videos in relatively simple ways. Here’s how.

We are on a roll with new features this year, and are really excited to introduce two enterprise-level video security features. SproutVideo now offers IP Address restriction and single-sign-on (SSO) to help larger companies keep their extensive video libraries secure. Both of these new video security features are intended to be used in conjunction with our video websites feature, which we also upgraded recently. Keep reading for details on how to access and leverage these great new video privacy features to help keep your video content secure.

New Enterprise Video Security Features

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