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New Secure Video Player

This might just be our most exciting platform release yet. We are officially rolling out our new video player, with support for Ultra-HD video formats, variable playback speed, social sharing and downloading through the player, true adaptive bitrate streaming, thumbnail images displayed when seeking, and more.

This is a major change across our entire platform, and marks a huge step away from the Flash player it’s replacing. Keep reading to get the full scoop on our new player!

We have three announcements that might make developers, and those who use subtitles, happy.

PHP API Client

We’re excited to release an official PHP API client for interacting with the SproutVideo API. This will help make building integrations with SproutVideo using PHP much easier. The client is available through composer here: and the source code can be found here: Hopefully this makes lives much easier for PHP developers.

What language should we choose next? Read on for more details on the PHP API client, and let us know in the comments.

We’re pleased to announce preliminary subtitle support in SproutVideo. This is part of a multi-phase release. The first phase includes subtitle support for our Adobe Flash based player. The next phase will add support for subtitles on iOS 6 devices and the last phase will add support for subtitles in our HTML5 player and hopefully Android devices.

Subtitle Selection Screen

Subtitles displayed over video

We’ve chosen to go with the emerging WebVTT format which almost all web browsers have adopted for timed text support going forward. To read more about how to use Subtitles on SproutVideo, read our help article here:

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