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Syndication Posts

Monetizing your video content is a very popular idea that works well in a variety of industries, not just entertainment, because it helps you reach a much broader audience while still creating a personal connection. For instance, you can include videos as part of an online course, use them to transmit exclusive advice, or for personal training. Here are the important steps to take to make sure people will continue to want to pay you for your content:

Protect Your Videos

Your videos are high production value, and you sell access to customers either as your main product or as part of a multi-layered content package. If this is the case, you need to protect your content to the extent you are able – and keep it exclusively on your site – otherwise why would anyone pay for it?

Different video hosting networks to try

Creating awesome videos is only the beginning! Make sure people know about them by sharing on these social networks.

1. Twitter

Chances are, you are already tweeting a link to your videos once you have uploaded them to your site. Do not forget to optimize your tweets by occasionally tagging complementary brands and using relevant hash tags.

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