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Cute Shy Dog Covering Nose

Sometimes, it’s what you don’t say that really counts. This couldn’t be more true for marketing videos, where choosing your words wisely makes a world of difference to the success of your campaign. 

In this post, we’ll look at what NOT to say in your marketing video. From scripts that aren’t realistic to videos that omit that all-important call-to-action, if you avoid the common pain points on this list, your marketing video will be a hit!

Frame a Shot Properly for Added Impact

Ever watch a movie that just gets your heart pounding, whether from suspense, action, or a scare? Getting a strong emotional reaction out of viewers drives engagement, sharing, and brand recall, making it an important factor in the success of your videos.

The way you frame your shots has a lot to do with their impact on viewers. Here’s how to get it right every time, using math as your secret weapon.

Famous Directors

It’s time to put the camera down, step away from the editing software, and have a little fun! How do we propose you do that? Take some time out to find out which director’s style you have, of course.

Do you love to use specials effects for that wow factor? Are lovable characters a feature of every video you make? Discover your directorial hero or heroine!

Create Formula for Success with Online Video

Creativity is annoyingly fickle. Whether it’s lacking inspiration, or a bad case of writer’s block, sometimes it can take more energy just to get started with a video project than it does to film or edit it.

Overcome this all-too-common obstacle to cranking out video with a simple solution: a reliable recipe you can use again and again for different videos. Here’s how to build a durable formula for success with online video.


SproutVideo Websites


Channel your inner Liza Minelli or Justin Timberlake and bring some pizazz to your marketing videos! From tips on hiring dancers and entertainers, to practical production suggestions, this post will help you add some glitz and glamour to your marketing videos.

SproutVideo Websites

Thousands of dollars are potentially at stake, so you want to be sure to get this right: should you hire a video production studio, or do it yourself?

It’s not just the expense entailed in hiring the studio or purchasing your own equipment, it could also be lost revenue and time if the end result isn’t that great, and the video doesn’t have the desired results.

Here’s our guide to knowing when you should go it alone, or bring on the professionals.

Produce High Quality Videos On Your Own

Spielberg doesn’t do it alone. Neither do the Coen brothers. So how on earth can you make a decent, shareable video by yourself?

The good news is that with a few clever hacks, one-person marketing teams can produce great video. In this post, we’ll walk you through the exact steps you need to take to get set up for success even if you’re flying solo.

Filming Food

If you’re a great cook and want to share your passion, video is the way to do it. The outsize success of Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos make it clear that videos about food are a great way to reach a wide audience. With this simple guide, you can sidestep common mistakes and create a food video that will get your viewers’ taste buds salivating!

Special Effects from the Matrix

Sophisticated special effects can give your video a real boost! When used correctly, you will see genuine engagement, more shares, and increased sales leads. Learn more about the techniques you can use to make your videos stand out from the crowd with our simple guide.

video production tips

In an ideal world, your budget for making a video will always include plenty of resources to hire a talented producer to oversee all aspects of your shoot’s planning, execution, and the final editing process. I don’t know about you, but sadly, that’s not the world we live in! Here’s an in-depth look at best practices for managing the entirety of the video production process, giving you a failsafe action plan and thorough checklists for when you have to do it yourself.

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