Alfred Hitchcock Silhouette

When it comes to getting the right feel for your videos, anticipating your audience’s emotions is key. For lessons on how to do it right, who better to look to than one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, and arguably the master of visual narrative, Alfred Hitchcock?

In a fifty-year film career, Hitchcock pioneered a number of visual effects that profoundly influenced filmmaking ever after. Often called “the Master of Suspense,” he had a signature style of storytelling, characterized by unique camera angles and movements that did much to engage the emotions of the audience. One of the most famous of these was the “vertigo effect,” invented for the 1958 film of the same name, which was achieved by simultaneously zooming in and pulling the camera away from the subject. Below, we take a look at a few more of Hitchcock’s iconic shots, including what makes them interesting and how they might work in your videos.

Maybe you already own a GoPro or HD video-equipped drone, or maybe you’re thinking of investing in one to bring an element of epicness into your videos. In either case, GoPro and drones have a lot to offer in terms of drama, with the ability to capture powerful new perspectives that translate into amazing video moments.

Phantom Drone with GoPro

Here are the basics on GoPros and drone cameras for those who aren’t yet familiar, along with few ideas of how you can use these tools to make awesome video.

what is video metadata and how to use it

Metadata is one of those slippery terms that, if you’re not particularly into the back-end side of programming, might leave you feeling confused and/or completely disinterested.

However, understanding a bit about metadata can be helpful as you develop and disseminate your videos through our platform, so in this post we’re going to give you a solid basic overview of the key metadata you can set for your videos on our platform to help send search engines index your content properly and drive more organic traffic its way.

On the SproutVideo platform, we’ve provided a few ways to alter the metadata on your videos in relatively simple ways. Here’s how.

If you use Constant Contact, we have some great news for you! We just added their popular email marketing platform as our latest integration. Read on for further details on how to set it up and start sending leads to your list today.

New video marketing integration with Constant Contact

In the last few years, quite a few video marketers have established online video as a way to make a big impression as a superstar personality, without the need for high-tech production resources. Though they represent a departure from the slick world of corporate video spots, online video personalities offer a human element that is quirky, accessible, and relatable which keeps viewers hooked.

As you plan your next video marketing campaign, why not learn from some of the superstars of online video? Here are a few of our favorites to help get the ball rolling.

Video Marketing Lessons from Michelle Phan and other Stars

We are beyond thrilled to announce that Javier Soto has joined SproutVideo as our new Head of Customer Success! As a born moderator and futurist, he’s very excited to dive into our existing and potential customers’ needs.

The New SproutVideo Head of Customer Success

Originally from Puerto Rico, Javier has a background in politics, media, advertising, startups, and is fluent in Spanish. He is also a pop culture buff and can probably answer any question you have about any movie or TV show that was ever made. Seriously, just try to stump him. Connect with Javier via SproutVideo on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.

The “sales funnel” is a concept used to describe the process of customer acquisition and maintenance, and is likely familiar to you if you’re in the retail or marketing industries. The “funnel” refers to, in effect, the whittling down of your audience to focus on the customers and potential customers with whom engagement will offer the best ROI.

In this post, we’ll take you through the sales funnel with video, explaining each step and demonstrating how video can be used to approach each stage of the customer acquisition process.

Sales and Marketing Funnel

You’ve decided you need an explainer video for your homepage to help prospective website visitors understand what you do faster. Great! Your boss approved the budget and you are ready to find a video production company to help you. You may be familiar with companies that have produced videos for your competitors or maybe you’ve been perusing some production company sites to see the quality of their work. Awesome! Now before you start interviewing potential production houses, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Here are five key points to help you get started:

Five Tips to Pick a Video Production Studio

We’ve been on a roll with new feature announcements recently, and are not planning to stop anytime soon! For example, since December 2014, we launched our Video Site Theme Editor with three beautiful themes, IP Address Restriction and Single-Sign-On, the ability to replace a video, and two other video marketing integrations to boot. As our third integration to date, we just added support for Aweber, a popular email marketing service. Here are more details on our latest and greatest marketing integration:

New video marketing integration with Aweber

A number of people wrote in with requests for our next marketing platform integration, and Infusionsoft - a small business CRM plaform - emerged as a clear winner!

You can now use SproutVideo’s email capture feature to send leads directly to Infusionsoft. You can even tag your new leads with the video they watched, or an existing tag from your Infusionsoft account. Please read on for more details about our latest marketing platform integration.

New video marketing integration with Infusionsoft