Track and improvide video engagement metrics

You invested a lot of time and effort producing your video, and the end result looks really good. It seems to be getting a lot of plays, but how do you know whether it’s really having an impact on your viewers?

Tracking viewer engagement is one of the best ways to determine whether or not your video is actually delivering your message to your intended audience. Here’s how to determine the engagement rate for your video, some tips for improving it over time, and ideas for leveraging your data in your campaigns.

Ok Go Video Artist Spotlight

Occasionally, a video comes along that knocks everyone’s socks off. Whether it’s because it’s brilliantly planned, brilliantly executed, capitalizes on a fabulously unlikely moment, gets a lucky shot—some videos just grab you. It’s that magic formula that everyone who makes video is dying to figure out.

So what about when that amazing thing happens not once, not twice, but four or five times to the same group of talented and creative video artists? That’s when it’s time to pay attention and take notes.

Ok Go is one of those fantastic musical acts whose videos are at least as famous as they are, for precisely this reason: they’ve figured out a magic formula. People just can’t stop watching these videos; the four I’m going to discuss in a moment have a combined total of over 70 million views… and counting. Here’s the Sproutvideo take on what Ok Go is doing incredibly, absolutely right.

four ways to leverage and optimize post-play screens

When someone watches the entirety of your video, you can bet that viewer is more engaged and interested in your content than those who stopped watching mid-way through. One powerful way to maintain that momentum is to leverage a customizable post-play screen - a screen that loads once your video concludes.

Post-play screens can be used in a variety of ways, and can be used for embedded videos, or videos on SproutVideo landing pages and websites, too. Here are four clever ways you can leverage post-play screens according to different goals.

Instagram Facebook and Twitter Icons on Phones

Have you noticed that the “clean line” look is dominating high-end marketing in the last few years? Of course you have. When it comes to video, everyone from tech brands to musical brands to Instagram personalities have deployed minimalist tactics to achieve some pretty amazing results.

What exactly do I mean by minimalist tactics? We’re talking about videos that cut out all unnecessary elements and get it down to a very basic format, which—when done right—allows you to focus attention on exactly what you want your viewers to see.

Instagram Facebook and Twitter Icons on Phones

Mobile video is the new norm as more and more people stick to their phones when browsing social media. In response, different social networks are scrambling to create new video ad formats that will allow them to capitalize on this phenomenom.

In this post, we take a deep dive into the ins and outs of this major trend in video marketing, with a close look at what that means for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Microphone on a Mixer

Bad audio can ruin a good video. After spending hours, days even, on a video, the last thing you want to do is ruin it with an amateurish voiceover. But, that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on getting it right. Take a look at these do’s and don’ts for creating a professional voiceover that will really get your message across.

Instagram Champions

You probably know by now that Instagram is a major—and growing—platform for video marketing. In 2015, Instagram launched its ad business, of which video is a big part, and they recently added longer ad formats. Now, users are seeing more and more videos in their Insta feeds, including ads.

If you’re thinking of ways to expand your marketing efforts across platforms, Instagram video is a pretty obvious channel to target. But it’s a unique platform, with its own set of limitations and idiosyncrasies. So how do you make strong brand videos for Instagram? To give you some solid answers, we’re looking to some brands who have recently been making big waves with their videos.

Using a Professional Green Screen

Today’s guest post comes from Ben Hancock of Aletalk Productions, a London-based corporate video production studio.

The limits of green screening are almost endless, and grant filmmakers on all budgets the ability to create impressive digital effects within their videos. Its versatility and the resulting post-production freedom mean that with a carefully planned green screen shoot, you can open up the door to an infinite number of editing possibilities. It also provides you with a fully controllable environment for shoots, allowing you to avoid common issues like background noise, natural lighting, and a whole host of other uncontrollable factors that go hand-in-hand with location shoots.

I’ve compiled what I feel are the four essential tips to ensure that you get a professional green screen result in all your future video production projects, and avoid having to spend endless hours in post-production correcting issues that are easily avoidable during the production stage! Read on for my top tips to getting green screens right.

Best Video Editing Apps for 2016

It’s been awhile since we pointed you toward the best in video editing apps, although creating high-quality video on the move has become an increasingly regular tactic for many brands. Not only are many mobile devices now capable of capturing video to a professional standard, but born-mobile video is also potentially better suited for addressing the mobile marketplace—a fact that matters when mobile audiences are driving more conversions than ever.

It seems like new video production-focused apps come out every day as a result, and it can be tough (and time-consuming) to try them all. Luckily, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you, bringing together a list of our favorite video production apps for mobile, fresh for 2016! Try these to get started.

Exploring video trends around the world

Explainer videos have a bad reputation for being expensive and difficult to get right. When we set out to make a video showcasing our video website features, like any normal company with finite amounts of time and resources to throw at a given project, we had those very same concerns in mind. Here is a breakdown of how we managed to stay under budget and still achieve a quality result we were happy with.