L’Oréal is the most watched beauty brand, with almost 126 million views last year. Video engagement like this suggests that L’Oréal is doing something we can all learn from.

Regardless of your target demographic, budget, or experience, this brand’s ingenious video marketing ideas can be easily adapted by you and your team. We’re going to bring you the best six.

One size doesn’t always fit all.

When you’re a huge global brand like L’Oréal, your customers will have different nationalities, languages, customs and budgets. One video campaign can’t possibly resonate with them all.

It makes perfect sense to have several video campaigns and properties that focus on specific markets. Accordingly, the L’Oréal Australia YouTube channel hosts different video content to the brand’s Thailand YouTube channel. Note the Thai team’s different approach to tone and production:

If you’re not a global brand, the lesson still applies – your videos must reflect how your customers view the world, and how your brand can assist them.

Work closely with brand ambassadors to tell people about your product.

The beauty industry lends itself well to video tutorials that double as marketing videos. But, it’s not just the beauty industry that’s a good fit for how-to videos.

Moreover, anyone can get involved – from the brand’s own video department, to enthusiastic vloggers who have no connection with the brand. L’Oréal works closely with the best beauty vloggers to share tips on using their products. The video below – produced by fashion vlogger Alanna Durkovich, rather than L’Oréal, is listed in the brand’s Hair Color Tutorials section of their US YouTube channel:

For more tips on working effectively with brand ambassadors, check out our post 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Campaigns with Influencer Video Marketing.

Not every video has to go viral.

Take a look at the views of the L’Oréal USA YouTube page. Not every video has millions of views. Some haven’t yet reached 4,000 views, like this video:

Video content that’s relevant to a smaller number of viewers is just as important as content that resonates with millions of viewers. Rather than focusing on numbers you might achieve, concentrate on what you have control over – a library of video content that contributes to your overall message.

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Video content has a long shelf life.

No matter how big your business, the period straight after posting a new video online is when it gets the most views. It makes perfect sense – this is when you focus your marketing efforts on promoting it.

But, that doesn’t mean that customers won’t watch older videos. L’Oréal’s older videos are just relevant as those created a few months ago.

Periodically review the content you’ve previously shared online. Ensure it’s in line with your brand ethos, and up-to-date. If it references old information or expired offers, take it down, update it, or adjust the content on the page so viewers can understand it.

Giving back is important.

L’Oréal aren’t shy and retiring when it comes to letting people know about their philanthropy. Good for them! The brand’s Women of Worth campaign celebrates women who give back to their communities. This is a perfect topic for video – engaging, warm, and relatable.

Pick a cause that’s close to your heart, and work out how your business can assist it using video. It will help to humanize your brand, as well as make a positive difference in the world. Our popular post 6 Easy Ways for Videographers to Give Back contains all the information you need!

Lots of videos means lots of views.

This doesn’t mean sacrificing quality for quantity. Of course, L’Oréal have a large production team for each of their territories, not to mention the finances to devote to a substantial, high quality video output.

For smaller brands, this translates into sustained, regular video production. If you have the resources to make a new video once a week, then be sure to do this. If it’s better for you to share a new video once a month, that’s fine too. The volume of content will soon build up, giving an overall impression of your brand.


L’Oréal’s marketing clout is undeniable. They’re a global brand, with the resources to match. But that shouldn’t deter video marketers at smaller companies from learning from L’Oréal’s expertise.

Even if you’re not the target demographic for L’Oréal, you can appreciate the creativity behind their videos. Try spending time watching the brand’s output – see how their ideas might fit your organization.

The brand’s clever strategizing is another important factor underpinning its video marketing success. Is your video strategy working for your brand? It might be time to see how another company does it.

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