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New API Updates for the SproutVideo Platform

We’ve really been cranking out the new features in the last 12 months. Recent additions include major upgrades to the functionality of our new HTML5 video player, new per-video privacy and sharing settings, and support for Ultra-HD video formats.

Today, we are excited to announce some key API updates to support all these new fabulous features. Keep reading for more details!

We have three announcements that might make developers, and those who use subtitles, happy.

PHP API Client

We’re excited to release an official PHP API client for interacting with the SproutVideo API. This will help make building integrations with SproutVideo using PHP much easier. The client is available through composer here: and the source code can be found here: Hopefully this makes lives much easier for PHP developers.

What language should we choose next? Read on for more details on the PHP API client, and let us know in the comments.

New Analytics API!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added the ability to retrieve all analytics and engagement data through the SproutVideo API. All you need is a SproutVideo account on a plan that has access to either analytics or engagement data and you’re all set.


API Notifications and History Log

To help developers using our SproutVideo API, we’ve started recording every API request made and every notification we send out. Being able to review these details is critical during the integration process. Read on for details on locating these logs, and how to put them to good use!

It’s now possible to manage both Logins and Access Grants through our API. You can now programmatically create logins and grant access to those logins for a video. This is particularly useful if you have your own user management system and you want to sync access between you system and SproutVideo. Both the documentation and ruby gem have been updated to reflect these new API features.

Note: for a more recent update on the SproutVideo API, including additional calls that can be made, please refer to this blog post, or to the current version of our API Documentation.

Today we are launching our new SproutVideo API – one of our most highly requested features. With it, you can now have programmatic access to your videos, tags, and playlists. Keep reading for inspiration and details on different ways the API can be used.

We’ve added the ability to switch between HD and SD versions of a video in the player using the Javascript API. Check out the documentation here or an example of the API in action here.

We’re proud to announce the release of our Javascript Player API. You can now receive events from, and control, the SproutVideo player using Javascript. Keep reading for details on how you can use our new player API, and inspiration for ways to use it!

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