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Brandable Video Websites by SproutVideo

After many, many months of hard work at SproutVideo HQ, we are extremely excited to release our video website features as a part of our core platform offering. These easy-to-use, beautiful, and powerful video sites are now available at no extra cost with all our existing pricing plans for all our customers. We added features, themes, and a fancy new way of designing a gorgeous, unique video website. Keep reading for an overview of the new video website features, including security and marketing tools, as well as more details on our new themes.

Today, we are very excited to release a powerful new site editing tool and some beautiful themes for our brandable video websites beta. These features have been a long time coming, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to show them off.

New Video Site Editor

Update: We added themes and a video site editor to significantly improve the look and feel of these sites. Read about it in this blog post!

Update #2: We launched our video websites out of beta! You no longer have to make a request to have these features added to your account. You can just open a free trial account and get started right away!

We are extremely excited to announce the next phase of our brandable video pages beta is going live today: brandable, customizable video websites, hosted entirely by SproutVideo!

Brandable Video Website

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