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Instagram Facebook and Twitter Icons on Phones

Mobile video is the new norm as more and more people stick to their phones when browsing social media. In response, different social networks are scrambling to create new video ad formats that will allow them to capitalize on this phenomenom.

In this post, we take a deep dive into the ins and outs of this major trend in video marketing, with a close look at what that means for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Instagram Champions

You probably know by now that Instagram is a major—and growing—platform for video marketing. In 2015, Instagram launched its ad business, of which video is a big part, and they recently added longer ad formats. Now, users are seeing more and more videos in their Insta feeds, including ads.

If you’re thinking of ways to expand your marketing efforts across platforms, Instagram video is a pretty obvious channel to target. But it’s a unique platform, with its own set of limitations and idiosyncrasies. So how do you make strong brand videos for Instagram? To give you some solid answers, we’re looking to some brands who have recently been making big waves with their videos.

Today’s SproutVideo post is dedicated to Instagram. The app isn’t just for twenty-somethings in Brooklyn. It’s becoming an increasingly important component of social media branding. And, with the introduction of Instagram video, now is the perfect time to hop on board the train and use this platform to promote your site’s videos.


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