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Recruiting videos that actually work

The New Year is all about new beginnings. It’s no surprise many people start their job hunts in January. In fact, one of the largest job sites,, sees a 70% spike in job searches in January.

So, how can you be sure that your company stands out from the competition for talent? Use recruiting videos to establish your company’s brand, sell your work culture, and motivate candidates to apply. Here’s how.

We are beyond thrilled to announce that Javier Soto has joined SproutVideo as our new Head of Customer Success! As a born moderator and futurist, he’s very excited to dive into our existing and potential customers’ needs.

The New SproutVideo Head of Customer Success

Originally from Puerto Rico, Javier has a background in politics, media, advertising, startups, and is fluent in Spanish. He is also a pop culture buff and can probably answer any question you have about any movie or TV show that was ever made. Seriously, just try to stump him. Connect with Javier via SproutVideo on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.

We are super excited to welcome Meagan Fisher to the team as the Creative Director of SproutVideo! Meagan brings tremendous experience and a nuanced eye for aesthetic detail, as well as an enthusiasm for traveling and owls.

Meagan Fisher @Owltastic
Meagan hard at work

You can check out her past work on Dribbble here, and her personal blog here if you’d like to get to know her a little better. Please join us in making Meagan feel welcome, and be sure to look for amazing designy things across our application and different projects in the coming months!

We are pleased to announce that Courtney Purchon has joined SproutVideo as our new Head of Marketing. An avid vermicomposter, she has a real green thumb and is very excited to grow with the team.

Courtney Purchon CMO and COO of SproutVideo

Originally from Boston, Courtney has a background in startups, consulting, and speaks fluent French. Connect with Courtney via SproutVideo on Facebook, @SproutVideo, LinkedIn or Google+.

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