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four ways to leverage and optimize post-play screens

When someone watches the entirety of your video, you can bet that viewer is more engaged and interested in your content than those who stopped watching mid-way through. One powerful way to maintain that momentum is to leverage a customizable post-play screen – a screen that loads once your video concludes.

Post-play screens can be used in a variety of ways, and can be used for embedded videos, or videos on SproutVideo landing pages and websites, too. Here are four clever ways you can leverage post-play screens according to different goals.

New Embed Codes Features

Just in time for the holidays, we released some seriously awesome, incredibly useful features that are totally worth celebrating!

We now offer three different types of embed codes (responsive, email, and lightbox embeds), custom post-play screens on SproutVideo landing pages and video websites, and we changed how some of our most popular security features work to make them more flexible. We also gave the video detail page a serious facelift, and updated the appearance of the rest of the app as well.

Keep reading for all the details on what’s new!

Earlier this week, we discussed optimizing video for the top of your marketing funnel. Now, let’s look more closely at the next stage, the bottom of the sales funnel, when a visitor to your site converts to a lead.

Classic Marketing Funnel

Before deciding where to publish your videos, consider where they are in your marketing funnel. Are they part of a brand awareness campaign, designed to attract new visitors to your website? Or are they of higher production and content value, potentially offering some sort of “secret sauce” to your viewers, and ultimately capturing leads? If you are not sure, consider the length and content of your video – if it is 30 seconds or less, engaging, and leaves someone wanting more, then it is top of funnel, which is what we will address today.

Classic Marketing Funnel

Have you ever wanted to collect emails for a mailing list or newsletter after a video has finished playing? Well, with SproutVideo’s post-play options and MailChimp’s embeddable signup forms, it is very easy. Just follow these simple steps, and you will be collecting emails in no time.

Right when a video ends, a viewer is likely to be highly interested in the topic or product being showcased. So, what action do you want them to take?

The ability to sustain viewer interest after a video concludes is critical to driving traffic and conversions. Now, you can easily setup a post-play screen to display a custom message, link, or form after your video ends. Keep reading for tips on how to set one up for your videos today.

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