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Poster Frames Posts

New Product Updates

The SproutVideo platform just got a major upgrade, with helpful organizational tools, and features that will give you greater control than ever over your content and account.

Packed into this feature release are folders, bandwidth caps, an audit log for team activity, a poster frame picker, and a shiny new integration with Zapier. Keep reading for all the details on the ways these new features will help improve your workflow and account management.

New Secure Video Player

This might just be our most exciting platform release yet. We are officially rolling out our new video player, with support for Ultra-HD video formats, variable playback speed, social sharing and downloading through the player, true adaptive bitrate streaming, thumbnail images displayed when seeking, and more.

This is a major change across our entire platform, and marks a huge step away from the Flash player it’s replacing. Keep reading to get the full scoop on our new player!

Great – you finally finished that video you have been working on for what seems like forever, and it is ready to share with the world. Now, the big question is, “how do I get people to watch my awesome video?”

1. Edit the Title and Description of Your Video

A common mistake we see here at SproutVideo, especially among people who upload videos frequently, is not taking the time to write a thoughtful description, and change the title of a video so that it is different from the file name. Do not underestimate the difference those two key elements can make in the presentation of your video online. A first impression only takes about 100 milliseconds to make, and if someone sees your video on a SERP, that is about all the time you have to win that click.

Title and Description

From now on, we will be using JPGs instead of PNGs for our poster frame images. We’ve converted all of the old poster frames to JPGs as well.

What does this mean for you? Overall, we cut down on the file size of the poster frames across all accounts by roughly 80%. That means you’ll be using less of your storage quota to store poster frames and will have more room for your videos. Also, the smaller file sizes mean that poster frame will load considerably more quickly and in some cases up to 93x faster! All of this was done with almost no decrease in image quality.


Upload a Custom Poster Frame to Your SproutVideo hosting account.

The way your video looks really matters. An attractive poster frame – the image viewers can see before they click play – can make the difference between a popular video and a viral video. Curious? Keep reading to understand how custom poster frames can engage your audience.

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