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As a rapidly growing video hosting company, we wanted to give a quick shoutout to some of our favorite tools and apps we used over the past year that enabled us to be more professional, efficient, and have some fun at the same time. Read on to see who made our list, in no particular order.

1. Zendesk

There should be no surprise that they are on our list. We certainly aren’t the first to give them accolades, but you can’t really say enough good things about this customer service platform. No matter what your volume is, Zendesk enables you to quickly and efficiently deal with customer service issues with easy-to-use macros, tagging, and it also scales up nicely as you grow and add agents. Our one wish is that there was an option to have a conversation view (gmail-esque) rather than old-fashioned ticketing so that all correspondance would be readily visible – especially handy when you have repeated interactions with someone.

Zendesk Help Section

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