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Frame a Shot Properly for Added Impact

Ever watch a movie that just gets your heart pounding, whether from suspense, action, or a scare? Getting a strong emotional reaction out of viewers drives engagement, sharing, and brand recall, making it an important factor in the success of your videos.

The way you frame your shots has a lot to do with their impact on viewers. Here’s how to get it right every time, using math as your secret weapon.

Famous Directors

It’s time to put the camera down, step away from the editing software, and have a little fun! How do we propose you do that? Take some time out to find out which director’s style you have, of course.

Do you love to use specials effects for that wow factor? Are lovable characters a feature of every video you make? Discover your directorial hero or heroine!

Microphone on a Mixer

Bad audio can ruin a good video. After spending hours, days even, on a video, the last thing you want to do is ruin it with an amateurish voiceover. But, that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on getting it right. Take a look at these do’s and don’ts for creating a professional voiceover that will really get your message across.

A Deer in Snow in the Woods

Winter is fully upon us, with chilly winds urging many to stay cozy indoors. However, some of the best and most reusable footage can be captured during the coldest weather, providing you know how to prepare.

In this post, we’re setting you up with the key info you’ll need to film in the snow, from looking after your equipment to getting the right light. Bundle up and let’s get started!

iPhone 6S professional camera rig

Today’s guest post comes from Zack Ford, the owner of Barbaric Media, a video production studio based in Manhattan.

I am shooting films with vibrant picture quality and crisp sound design, and I am doing it with an iPhone 6s. Using a camera rig I invented, and utilizing Adobe Premiere for my entire post-production process, I have turned my small Manhattan studio apartment into a production studio capable of making powerful content. I set it all up for less than $2,000 and I handle all aspects of production myself. Here’s how you can do it, too.

Filming Tips for a Better Editing Experience

In a world where producing great video is essential, and capturing HD footage is effortless, editing has become the special sauce that can set you apart.

Tommy Tranfaglia and his team created DreamItReel to give the masses access to professional video editing. As video editing experts, they know all too well that not all footage is created equal. Here are five quick tips from Tommy for making sure that what you’re filming will be easy to edit when the time comes.

Intro to Motion Graphics in Video

In this guest post from Motion Array, learn how to design and use motion graphics in your videos.

There are lots of elements to making a great video, from shot composition to editing techniques and color grading. One often overlooked element is motion graphics. It’s true that not every video needs graphics, and it’s also true that poorly conceived graphics can bring down the overall quality of a video. But, the right motion graphics can really improve the final result when integrated properly.

Whether you are a motion graphics expert or you find the whole thing to be a confusing mess, we are going to explain the ins and outs of common motion graphics elements today, along with some tips for how to easily implement them in your next video.

Good Lighting for Video Subjects

First impressions are formed in just a couple seconds. If your video is poorly lit, the best interview in the world, with the most interesting person in the world, can instantly lose credibility and cause viewers to click away.

If you are just starting out with video, or don’t have an expensive light kit handy, then utilize the following steps to make your subject look their best.

what is video metadata and how to use it

Metadata is one of those slippery terms. If you’re not particularly technical, the concept might feel a little intimidating.

However, understanding a bit about video metadata is key to getting traction with organic traffic. It can also provide helpful tools for your viewers to search for and discover your videos, allowing them to more quickly watch the ones they want.

On the SproutVideo platform, we’ve provided several ways to alter the metadata for your videos in relatively simple ways. In this post, we’re going to give you a solid basic overview of the key metadata you can set for your videos on our platform. This will help search engines index your content properly, and drive more organic traffic your way.

scout a location

The specific location where you film your next project is of utmost importance to the final product. Your chosen space will impact everything from the screenplay, to the audio and visual setup of your shoot. Here are the key environmental elements you need to be aware of. We’ve also  and ways to adapt to them to ensure the best possible outcome for your project.

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