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Grab attention with video

Did you know the average human attention span is just eight seconds? That means videographers have only eight seconds to hook viewers before they move to the next thing.

You could say that this makes life hard for video professionals, but we’re glass-half-full people here at SproutVideo! A truly memorable intro is a great opportunity to make a killer first impression, and set yourself apart from the rest.

In this post, we’re going to share actionable tips on what to do during those crucial first few seconds to make your viewers sit up and pay attention.

Best practices for online video SEO.

Video SEO is key to ensuring you are getting the most out of your videos. Here’s our guide to what you need to know to rise through the rankings and leverage your rich content to drive traffic to your site.

Social Video is the New Video SEO

Video SEO used to be the name of the game, but these days, it’s all about social video. SEO is still definitely important in its own right – you can’t ignore it – but the lines are increasingly blurring between organic and social discovery. So, what does this mean for your videos, and how can you take advantage of these emerging trends?


Automated Video Marketing Campaign Strategy


The phrase ‘content is king’ has gone undisputed for several years now, and for good reason. Inbound marketing and SEO strategies have been very successful for many companies. When done well, they also provide excellent value for both prospects and customers alike as they are typically permission-based, unintrusive, and informative.

The one point many people fail to mention when touting the benefits of inbound content marketing strategies is exactly how to keep up with the demands of creating all that content, while also planning campaigns, tracking and reporting on metrics, and meeting new consumer expectations around targeted messaging and personalization. If you are one of the many marketing professionals out there feeling overwhelmed and strapped for time, meet your new best friend: automated marketing campaigns.

what is video metadata and how to use it

Metadata is one of those slippery terms. If you’re not particularly technical, the concept might feel a little intimidating.

However, understanding a bit about video metadata is key to getting traction with organic traffic. It can also provide helpful tools for your viewers to search for and discover your videos, allowing them to more quickly watch the ones they want.

On the SproutVideo platform, we’ve provided several ways to alter the metadata for your videos in relatively simple ways. In this post, we’re going to give you a solid basic overview of the key metadata you can set for your videos on our platform. This will help search engines index your content properly, and drive more organic traffic your way.

When conceptualizing video content to add to your website, it can sometimes be difficult to pick the right topic or angle. A smart way to approach it does not start with a video camera or even video editing software, but with Google Webmaster or Google AdWords to get a handle on the search terms that drive converting traffic to your website. These tools are especially valuable because you can use them to obtain all your search query data that is encrypted and consequently absent from other free reporting platforms like Google Analytics. Importantly, these tools are free to use, and are multifaceted – this is just one way to use them to better inform your content creation. Read on for our top tips for using these Google platforms to drive more clicks and conversions with your video content production.

Using keyword data for online hosted video

questions to ask about online video

There is only one question that truly counts for online video. It will shape everything, from production to editing to the final product. Read on to find out what it is, and how to answer it properly.

ReelSEO recently published an excellent article outlining some of the issues that small businesses face when using Youtube as their primary video marketing channel. They made several salient points:

  • Youtube had 159 million unique visitors and 13.3 billion video views in December alone: a large, engaged audience
  • Roughly half of Youtube videos have fewer than 500 views
  • Top videos are purely entertaining (think music videos, celebrities, etc.) or produced by major companies with major budgets (Jean-Claude Van Damme for Volvo, for example)

As ReelSEO rightly points out, these characteristics make Youtube seem less than small business-friendly when it comes to video hosting, especially for marketing purposes.

Youtube logo

To their list, I would add the following stats about Youtube:

Before deciding where to publish your videos, consider where they are in your marketing funnel. Are they part of a brand awareness campaign, designed to attract new visitors to your website? Or are they of higher production and content value, potentially offering some sort of “secret sauce” to your viewers, and ultimately capturing leads? If you are not sure, consider the length and content of your video – if it is 30 seconds or less, engaging, and leaves someone wanting more, then it is top of funnel, which is what we will address today.

Classic Marketing Funnel

all about video seo and sitemaps

Video SEO is an important tool in any company’s arsenal when it comes to improving search rankings and click-through rates. So, how do you get your videos to show up in Google search results like this and drive more organic traffic to your site?

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