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Virtual Reality Posts

Virtual Reality Headset on Girl with Cat
_Image Credit: Rough Guides_

Remember when 3D TVs came out? Maybe you even bought one, or at least considered it. After all, Avatar was pretty cool in 3D, and helped propel the 3D experience for movies into the mainstream.

Since 3D TV began its steady and quick decline in about 2012 after quite a lot of public fanfare, it begs the question – what is so different about virtual reality and 360 video? Are those technologies heading for the same fate?

Woman Wearing Virtual Reality Headset
_Image credit: Nan Palmero_

Virtual reality is one of those concepts that has been on the horizon for what seems like a really long time. It’s been the subject of movies, TV shows, books, articles and various other forms of speculation. Even the phrase “virtual reality” has been used so often and for so long that the actual meaning has become somewhat murky.

Recently, the technology has caught up to the hype. No longer confined to films and the occasional lab or trade show, VR is actually becoming a thing that we normal people can experience—to some degree anyway—and those in the hyper-informed echelons of the media world are letting it be known that VR is going to make a big difference to our lives. But what does this all mean for your brand, and how people interact with it?

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