In celebration of four years in business, SproutVideo is doubling bandwidth and quadrupling storage for subscribers, and introducing new lower price tiers to help all our loyal customers succeed with online video. So, enjoy our gift of twice the bandwidth and quadruple the storage, and our eternal gratitude for your love and support!

A major concern of any business owner anywhere, of course, is cost, and in our second major pricing update ever, we are lowering the price per GB for all plans, as well as introducing new pricing tiers to better accommodate the increasing streaming and storage needs of our customers. The new pricing presents a vastly improved value proposition, with the amount of streaming and storage allocated to each pricing plan doubled and quadrupled respectively.

We are also introducing new price tiers to better accommodate companies with greater bandwidth and storage needs. Whereas before there was a substantial jump between our subscription plans above the $50/month mark, there is now a linear increase that makes more sense for how extensively people use online video, and is also kinder to wallets.

Our pricing plans now start at $25, and go up to $400, while offering significantly more bandwidth and storage for the money. There is now a new intermediary pricing tier for $100, and the monthly fees for Grove and Forest have been dropped to $200 and $400 respectively. And, because we love you, we also lowered the cost of overages for bandwidth and storage.

Effective July 28th, if you are on the Seed plan, your account has not been affected by these changes to our subscription plans. For everyone on the Sprout, Tree, Grove, or Forest plan, you have automatically been transitioned to the new plans with additional bandwidth and storage. Given the greater amount of bandwidth and storage allocated to each plan, your monthly bills will stay the same, or may even go down.

If you have any questions about these new pricing plans, please contact us right away!

Written by Courtney Purchon

Courtney is the Head of Marketing at SproutVideo.

Posted July 28, 2014

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