In our previous post, we told you the story of Darius Goes West and the concept of incorporating social good into your online videos. We’re going to continue the conversation by offering logistical ways to do just that as well as considerations you should make before getting started.


Videos for social good are a perfect opportunity to utilize some of the concepts that we’ve written about. If you go for a documentary style, you can use b roll to show footage of the cause in combination with interviews. Use interviews with staff, frontline workers, those facing these challenges, or even the spokesperson of the organization your video is benefitting.


Tone is especially important in for charity videos. Ultimately, you want to inspire viewers to donate, volunteer, or be part of a larger change. Before you begin, you have some choices to make, namely what emotions you want to provoke in your audience. Music, lighting, colors, and language all help evoke the right mood.

Call to Action:

Don’t forget the call to action. Utilize our CTA feature to encourage your audience to donate, learn more, share your video, or join a mailing list. And, make sure that you include information about the organization you’re featuring at the end of your video.


Make your video social media friendly. Use hashtags throughout your video to make it searchable, as well as social media buttons. The Darius Goes West trailer does a great job of using CTA’s and social media prompts to make donating and spreading the word easy. These prompts can be easily added during the editing process.

Tie it to a day:

Finally, go to Punchbowl and sites like it to find special days that correspond with your cause. There’s a day for everything – from doughnuts to volunteering, and they make timing promotions, campaigns, launches, and special events easy.

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Written by Laci Texter

SproutVideo blog contributor. You can follow her on Twitter and Google+.

Posted October 16, 2013

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