Today, we are continuing our discussion of considerations to make when incorporating gamification into your online videos. Check out our first post on this innovative video trend if you haven’t already!

Be consistent

Good examples of gamification include games that align with the missions and objectives of an organization. If you are trying to save the world, you are going to want to settle on elements that promote social justice, educate, and empower players to facilitate change. Khan Academy is a great example. Historically, the online education video powerhouse used to be just that – online webinars. Recently, the academy has gamified their videos, incorporating ‘skill trees’ that allow viewers to unlock new videos and learn new skills. The skill tree system complements the Academy’s main objective: education. Bottom line, let your objectives drive your design.

Talk to friends

Feedback from family and friends is a great resource. Gaming companies hire game testers and create ‘beta games’ to get feedback from players. Even the biggest gaming companies have their misses and they rely on these focus groups of gamers to tell them what works and what does not. Talk to friends and family that play a lot of games — find out their likes and dislikes. Create beta videos for your network to test. Their insights can help you during the creative process and to fix elements that do not work.

Play games

This one is simple. Go out there and play games. Download innovative game apps. Play some tabletop games. Check out good examples of gamification. See what you like… and what you do not. You will get inspired and get excited. Remember, we are all gamers in one way or another.

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Written by Laci Texter

SproutVideo blog contributor. You can follow her on Twitter and Google+.

Posted July 10, 2013

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