Welcome back to Part II of our “About Us” video tips! We started off with these six tips for your “About Us” videos and today, we’ll round it out with five more tips that will elevate your introductory videos.

Brand History:

This video is an opportunity to tell the story behind your business; when you started shop, what inspired you, who your leadership is. Your history is essential to who you are as a brand. If you have an interesting story about your start-up, share it. Your history not only tells customers who you are, but also makes you more tangible. Your story makes you human and being human makes you relatable; not just another company on the Internet. This storytelling gem is from Lego. The nostalgic video (you may need a tissue) integrates the company’s values into their unique history. Though it’s long, the story is worthy of your 16 minutes.


An ‘About Us’ video is the ultimate reflection of your brand’s culture. Culture isn’t about action plans or statistics, it’s about your values, who you are as a brand or what bonds your office together. Culture can be communicated through a witty script, but it can also be shown through what you choose to film. Technically, this is an entry for a video contest by Killer Infographics, but it showcases this start-up’s creativity, product, and culture.

What You Do:

Don’t forget to (concisely) explain what you do. An ‘About Us’ video is half who you are and half what you do. The possibilities of demonstrating your mission, values, or services are endless. Many companies have hired web animators to cartoonify their missions and services. Or, simply show what it is you do. Visit your factory. Film your team at work. Remember, this particular video is NOT a sales pitch – it’s an introduction. Keep your script smart and succinct. You have an entire website to focus on the particulars of your business.

Social Proof:

This video is your first step in building trust and loyalty. How do you do that? Show off your credentials. Use testimonials of happy customers or happy businesses that you’ve worked with. While your ‘About Us’ video shouldn’t sound like an infomercial, don’t shy away from including elements that are going to start building your credibility and trust. Here’s a great example of how Seabreeze, a small New Jersey business, integrated testimonials into their company’s video to highlight their services and articulate their values.

Distinguishing Yourself:

An ‘About Us’ video is your first opportunity to distinguish yourself. This video should separate you from your competition in some way. Maybe you have a more dedicated team, a more responsible mission, or a more creative approach to doing business. Maybe your product is simply better, with the awards to prove it. Show how you’re innovative. This Paris-based tattoo artist, Karl Marc, introduced himself to the word by streaming the progress of a single innovative tattoo session. The video isn’t a traditional ‘About Me’ video, but it distinguishes Karl Marc as an exciting artist. We immediately went to his online portfolio to find out more about him and his projects.

Call to Action:

The last element of your video should be, in some way, a Call To Action (CTA). You’ve spent one to three minutes introducing your brand, telling your story, inspiring your audience, or rapping about your corporate culture. Your CTA should match the tone and content of your video, encouraging a viewer to take the next step. CTA’s that follow ‘About Us’ videos should promote further brand engagement: integrate your social media, promote subscriptions, or provide links to your website. CTA’s are effective and will make it easier for your audience to take the next step in getting to know your brand.

Your ‘About Us’ video is the gatekeeper to your website. It’s most likely the first video a visitor is going to gravitate towards on your page, so don’t let your video be an afterthought to the rest of the content on your site. Instead, use your introductory video to whet the appetites of hungry audiences!

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Written by Laci Texter

SproutVideo blog contributor. You can follow her on Twitter and Google+.

Posted September 18, 2013

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