Up until today, we’ve always encoded two versions of videos uploaded to SproutVideo; an HD version and a SD version. We did this regardless of the dimensions of the originally uploaded video. We realized that this policy probably wasn’t the best idea. We really should have only been encoded the HD version if the original source video was HD as well. Not only was this policy costing us money, but it was also costing our customers money due the the extra storage those unneeded copies of the video incurred.

From now on, we will only encode HD versions of the video if the dimensions of originally uploaded video warrant that we do so. For any existing videos which originally was not HD, we’ve removed the link to the HD version on the video play pages and deleted the HD version. This means that you will have more room in your account for more videos and possibly save you money if you were over your plan’s quota.

Written by Adam Podolnick

Posted June 10, 2011

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