Today we’re launching a beta of RTMPe streaming for video delivery. Until this point, we always used the progressive download method of video delivery. This provides several practical and security benefits.

By using streaming video delivery, not only will large and long videos start playing almost instantly, viewers will now be able to seek to any point in the video without having to wait for that particular part of the video to download. To make seeking even easier, we’ve added a tool tip when the mouse is over the progress bar to let you know what time in the video it is.

New seek time indicator in the SproutVideo player when using RTMPe streaming.

Streaming video delivery can also reduce the amount of bandwidth your account uses. When using progressive download delivery, the entire video file will be downloaded by the viewer even if they don’t want the full video. With streaming video delivery only the parts of the video that the viewer watches will be sent to the viewer. This can dramatically reduce bandwidth consumption in some cases.

Progressive download actually downloads the video file to a temporary location on the viewers computer. With streaming video delivery, on the other hand, the audio and video data is only stored in the player’s memory buffer. The entire video file is never copied or stored to the viewers computer so the viewer can’t just copy it from the browser cache. This also prevents applications such as RealPlayer Downloader from downloading the video.

With RTMPe streaming, the actual audio and video data is sent via an encrypted stream between our servers and the video player which can help prevent unauthorized viewing of videos.

The RTMPe streaming beta is currently only available when the Adobe Flash player is being used. It it not available when using HTML5 video for playback or on iOS or Android devices.

To Enable the RTMPe streaming beta, click on the ‘Account’ link in the upper right. Then click on the ‘Video Settings’ tab, check the ‘Enable RTMPe Streaming’ check box and finally click the ‘Update Video Settings’ button.

Since this is a beta, there may be some glitches with video playback. If you notice any problems, please email us at and let us know!

Written by Adam Podolnick

Posted August 14, 2012

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