Latency Explained

What is Latency

Latency is the delay between your camera capturing an event and the event being displayed to viewers.

Latency Options

SproutVideo provides two different Latency options.

Standard latency is around a 30 second delay. Standard latency is generally preferred for higher quality viewer playback, and also allows for a reconnect window of 2 minutes following an unexpected disconnect.

Reduced latency is about 15 seconds, however, you lose the ability to reconnect after an unexpected disconnect during a broadcast and this could impact playback quality.

How to choose your Latency

When creating your live stream you will see Latency options undertitle. You can only set the latency when creating a new live stream. You can not adjust the latency after the live stream has been created.

  1. Select the + Create New Live Stream button from the Live page. Create a new live stream

  2. Enter a title for your video and select your Latency option using the dropdown menu. Select a live stream latency option

NOTE: You can not change the Live Stream Latency option after creating the live stream. You can only select a latency option when first creating the stream.

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