Video Delivery Methods

SproutVideo offers two different methods of video delivery: Progressive Download and RTMPE Streaming.

Progressive Download

Progressive Download downloads the video file to a temporary location on the viewer's computer. This can be both a benefit and a disadvantage when it comes to bandwidth consumption. If people tend to re-watch your video multiple times, or if the video is set to loop, using progressive download can save bandwidth because the video will be stored on the viewer's computer and multiple viewings will not use any additional bandwidth. However, if you have a long video which your viewers skip around but don't really watch the whole video, Progressive download might end up using more bandwidth than necessary because it just downloads the whole video.

RTMPE Streaming

RTMPE Streaming is a streaming method of video delivery and is the default for videos on SproutVideo. It provides several improvements over Progressive Download. First of all, it allows viewers to skip to any point in the video without having to wait for that point in the video to be downloaded. Also, very long videos will start playing more quickly. RTMPE Streaming can also be more secure than Progressive Download because the audio and video data is sent via an encrypted stream between our servers and the video player. The video is not stored in any temporary files on the viewer's computer. Lastly, RTMPE Streaming also has a potential upside and downside when it comes to bandwidth usage. Since only the parts of the video that the viewer watches are sent to the viewer, this may save bandwidth if the viewer does not watch the entire video. But, since the video isn't stored on the viewer's computer, we will have to re-transmit the video if the viewer watches the video multiple times.

How to Change your Video Delivery Settings

Click on the 'Account Settings' link at the top of the website and then on the 'Video Settings' tab:

Change your video delivery settings for your SproutVideo video hosting account

Scroll down and then click video delivery radio button you prefer:

Select the video delivery method you prefer for your SproutVideo video hosting account

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Save Advanced Settings' button. Your videos should now play back using the Progressive Download delivery method.

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Last Updated: January 11, 2017