I was a Motionbox member, are my videos still available?

Unfortunately not. As of August 2010, premium, basic and free Motionbox accounts were taken over by HP-SnapFish. To determine what type of account you had, if you never paid for your account, you had a basic or free account. If you paid for your account on a yearly basis you had a Premium account. For more information about these accounts, please contact Snapfish support.

Motionbox Pro members were given the opportunity, both before Motionbox ended service and after, to migrate their videos to SproutVideo and transfer their service. We attempted to contact all Pro members with this offer. At this time, it is no longer possible to transfer or recover any videos you had on Motionbox.

However, if you are still interested in video hosting, we encourage you to consider SproutVideo. You can learn more here:


You can also test out SproutVideo for free for 14 days to determine whether SproutVideo is what you’re looking for in a video hosting provider. Simply go to our sign up page to start your free trial (no credit card required) of our services.

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