How Can I Import My DailyMotion Cloud Videos to SproutVideo?

DailyMotion Cloud is closing its doors as of April 15, 2015. To help ease the transition to our platform, we built an importer that allows DMCloud subscribers to quickly and easily import their videos. You do not need to download and re-upload your content. Just follow these simple steps to make the switch to SproutVideo today:

1. Signup For a Free Trial Account

Opening a free trial account is the first step towards transferring your video library from DailyMotion Cloud to our video hosting platform. That way, you can be sure we offer the video marketing, security and analytical tools you need to make your video project a success.

2. Contact SproutVideo Support

Contact your dedicated support representative to get started with the video import process.

3. Supply Your DMCloud Account Details.

We just need your DailyMotion Cloud UserID and API Key (found under account/profile) to import your DMCloud video library.

4. Kick Back and Relax

Seriously. We’ll do the rest.

5. Have Some Fun!

Once your videos are all imported, you can get started with our video marketing, security and analytical tools.

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