Your SproutVideo video hosting account is billed on a monthly schedule based on your selected plan level. The main factors contributing to your monthly video hosting bill are bandwidth, storage, and overages.


Bandwidth is the amount of data in GB that is streamed from our servers to your viewers when they watch or download your videos. Uploading videos does not count against your bandwidth. Bandwidth resets every month. We notify you by email if you reach 80% of your total bandwidth so you have a chance to monitor your account and change plans if you think you might need a lot more bandwidth and would save money on a larger plan. If you exceed your prepaid amount of bandwidth for a given month, your videos will not stop playing. We simply charge you at a rate for the extra GB that corresponds with your plan level.


Video storage is the amount of space in terms of GB that your video files take up on our servers. During the encoding process, multiple versions of your original video file are created, allowing playback on different devices, browsers, and internet connection speeds. Therefore, the final amount of space a video file takes up in your account might not correspond exactly to the original file, although it should be similar in total. Retaining the source video for your files will increase the amount of storage required. The amount of storage space you have access to corresponds with your subscription plan, and does not reset every month. If you exceed the amount of storage allotted to your plan, you will be charged at a rate for the extra GB that corresponds with your plan level.


Overages are charges for extra bandwidth or storage that are incurred when you need more than the amount of either one included with your plan. We send email notifications when you use 80% of your bandwidth so that you can monitor your usage and upgrade plans if necessary - we never want there to be any surprises! Even if you incur overages, you may still be on the cheapest plan because your monthly fees plus any overages in bandwidth or storage may not cost more than the next highest plan.

If you ever have any questions about your bill or how the monthly billing works, please contact us and we will happily walk you through it.

Section: Account Related Questions
Last Updated: March 10, 2017