Our Powerful Core Features, Included With Every Plan

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    Analytics & Engagement

    Analytics & Engagement High level video performance, viewer engagement heatmaps, and viewer tracking.

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    Video Marketing Suite

    Video Marketing Suite Lead capture, integrations, video SEO, post-play screens, social sharing.

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    Essential Privacy Tools

    Essential Privacy Tools Password protection, viewer login protection, allowed domains, 2FA, video access log.

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    Video Landing Pages

    Video Landing Pages Customizable and brandable video landing pages.

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    Custom Players & Embeds

    Custom Players & Embeds Unbranded, autoplay, loop, subtitles, custom colors, variable playback speeds, playlists.

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    Top-Notch Support

    Top-Notch Support Top-notch, personalized email and live chat support from an agent based in our NYC office.

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    VOD & Live Streaming

    VOD & Live Streaming UltraHD, 60 FPS, HTML5 and Flash, true adaptive bitrate streaming, global CDN.

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    APIs RESTful interface, upload and manage videos, access data reports, build custom player skin.





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Core Platform Features
All plans include the core features you need to be successful with your video projects: a powerful marketing suite, essential privacy tools, custom players and embeds, access to our API and Javascript player API, and top-notch email and live chat support. Read more about core features
Analytics & Engagement Data
High level video performance, viewer engagement heatmaps, and viewer tracking.
Email / Live Chat Support
Top-notch, personalized email and live chat support from an agent based in our NYC office.
Account Audit Log
Easily review activity from any team member in your account with a detailed log of their actions.
Full Video Website
Launch a one-click video hub with custom pages, themes, comments, and integrations.
Advanced Video Site Options
Use a domain you already own for your video website or landing pages, and add custom CSS or Javascript to make it totally unique.
Geo Restriction
Restrict the countries where your videos can be played.
Signed Embed Codes
Append a secret signature to your embed code to prevent your videos from being embedded without your permission.
Exportable Data
Export reports containing details about different aspects of your account, including video analytics, downloads, tags, playlists, and more.
Single Sign-on
Use your company’s identity provider to authenticate viewer access to your video website.
IP Address Restriction
Restrict access to your videos for any viewer originating from an unapproved connection.
Premium Support
Schedule a call back from your dedicated customer support representative.
Login-Protected Viewers
Login Protection is an option for video security that requires people to login with a viewer account to watch your video. This is the total number of viewer accounts you can create to access your login protected videos. If your videos are not login protected, there is no limit to the total number of viewers.
None 125 viewer accounts 500 viewer accounts Unlimited
Concurrent Encoding Slots
The number of videos that can be processed simultaneously after uploading.
1 slot 3 slots 6 slots 9 slots
Included Bandwidth / Storage
All plans allow unlimited bandwidth and storage usage, with 500 GB of each included at no additional cost. Bandwidth is the amount of data that is streamed from our servers when your videos are watched or downloaded. Storage is the amount of space that your encoded video files take up on our servers. Monthly bandwidth usage resets every month, but storage does not.
500 / 500 GB 500 / 500 GB 500 / 500 GB 500 / 500 GB
Additional Bandwidth / Storage
Only pay for the bandwidth and storage you use beyond what is included with your subscription plan. You will be billed for the additional GB(s) at the rate that corresponds with your plan. All plans allow unlimited bandwidth and storage usage, with 500 GB of each included at no additional cost.
$0.25 per GB $0.10 per GB $0.10 per GB $0.08 per GB
Included Live Input / Delivery
Live streaming is measured in minutes, both for the input and delivery (output) of your live stream. Your stream input begins when you start broadcasting via SproutVideo. We'll optimize your video and deliver the video output to your viewers. Live delivery minutes are the total minutes watched by your viewers.
60 / 3000 minutes 60 / 3000 minutes 60 / 3000 minutes 60 / 3000 minutes
Additional Live Input / Delivery
You can live stream beyond the amount included with your plan. You will be billed for the additional live stream input and delivery minutes at the rate that corresponds with your plan.
$0.12 / $0.004 per min. $0.10 / $0.003 per min. $0.10 / $0.003 per min. $0.08 / $0.002 per min.


/ mo
  • Core Platform Features
  • Analytics & Engagement Data
  • Video Marketing Suite
  • Email & Live Chat Support
  • 3 Account Seats
  • 1 Encoding Slot
  • No Viewer Logins


/ mo
  • All Seed Plan Features +
  • Video Website
  • Login Protection
  • Account Audit Log
  • 5 Account Seats
  • 3 Concurrent Encoding Slots
  • 125 Viewer Logins


/ mo
  • All Sprout Plan Features +
  • Geo Restriction
  • Signed Embed Codes
  • Video Site CSS / JS Editor
  • Custom CNAME
  • Exportable Data
  • 15 Account Seats
  • 6 Concurrent Encoding Slots
  • 500 Viewer Logins


/ mo
  • All Tree Plan Features +
  • Single Sign-On
  • IP Address Restriction
  • Premium Support
  • 50 Account Seats
  • 9 Concurrent Encoding Slots
  • Unlimited Viewer Logins
500 GB of bandwidth and 500 GB of storage included w/ all plans. Live streaming also included w/ all plans.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pricing Plans

  • What if I need more bandwidth and/or storage?

    All of our plans include 500 GB of bandwidth and 500 GB of storage. If you need more, you’ll simply pay for what you use beyond 500 GB at a rate that corresponds with your plan. For example, in addition to your monthly platform subscription, an extra 100 GB of bandwidth would cost $10 on the Sprout and Tree plans, and $8 on the Forest plan. Your videos will not stop streaming unless you choose to set an optional cap on your bandwidth usage.

  • What is the difference between input and delivery for live streaming?

    All of our plans include 60 live input minutes and 3,000 live delivery minutes. The input for live streaming is the length of your broadcast in minutes. It measures how long your live stream is from start to finish. Delivery refers to how many minutes were streamed in total to each member of your audience. For example, if you have a 10 minute broadcast to 100 viewers, you would use 10 minutes of input time, and 1,000 minutes of delivery, assuming everyone watched the entire stream.

  • What happens once my trial ends?

    When your trial ends, you are prompted to activate your video hosting account so you can continue working with your awesome videos on our platform. If you do not activate when the 30 day free trial is complete, the videos in your account will stop playing. You will have 21 days to activate your account after the end of your trial before your account is closed and the videos in your account are deleted.

  • What makes SproutVideo different from free choices like Vimeo or YouTube?

    SproutVideo is differentiated in many ways. We provide live customer support with dedicated support representatives; we do not run ads on any videos on our platform; we do not link to other “related” videos on our platform after yours concludes; we do not put our logo on our player; and we provide all the tools you need for video marketing and security.

  • Do I need a credit card to start my trial?

    No, we do not require your credit card information to open a free trial account. You just enter your name and email address, and create a password. It is as simple as that. If you choose to activate your trial account, you will select a plan and enter your credit card information at that time.

  • Do I choose a plan now?

    No, you do not need to pick a pricing plan at this time. After you have tested out all our great features during the free trial period, you will be able to review our pricing options and select the best plan for your needs when you are ready to buy.

  • Can I change my plan?

    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at anytime. There are no penalties or fees for doing so. In fact, we prorate your monthly billing accordingly, because we love you.

  • Are your prices in USD?

    Yes, all prices are listed in USD.

  • Are there any limits on how many viewers can watch my videos?

    For public, private, or password protected videos, there are no limits on how many people can watch your videos. You can easily keep track of how popular your videos are, and how much bandwidth your account is streaming, with our analytics and easy usage reporting.

    However, if you want to limit your audience, you may enable the login protection privacy setting for your videos. When your videos are login protected, viewers must enter credentials to watch. You have complete control over the creation of viewer login credentials to allow access your login protected videos, as well as the number of times each viewer may login to watch your content. The subscription plan you select will determine the number of viewer logins you are able to create.

  • What support is available to me?

    As a SproutVideo account holder, you get a dedicated support representative so you can talk to the same person whenever you reach out to support. You can reach your support rep through live chat or email. We also provide an extensive help section.

    Can I cancel?

    Yes, you can cancel your video hosting account with us at anytime, but we will be very sad to see you go!