Video helps grow your business. Now it can grow forests too.

To celebrate Earth Day, we're donating a portion of the proceeds from new business to the National Forest Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to revitalizing forests and planting new trees.


How it works

We love growing your business with our video hosting tools, and now we want to help grow trees, too. That's why we're donating a portion of proceeds from all new video hosting accounts to the National Forest Foundation, one of the largest and most reputable non-profit organizations dedicated to the cause of saving and rebuilding forests damaged by wildfires, natural disasters, and disease.

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    Use SproutVideo for your video hosting needs

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    We donate to the National Forest Foundation

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    Trees are planted in needed forests around the US

Why plant trees?

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    A single tree in one year produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen

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    One tree absorbs as much carbon per year as a car produces driving 26,000 miles

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    Water from national forests provides drinking water for about 60 million people

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Our free trial includes all of our security, marketing, and video customization features to help your business grow. When you activate one of our plans, we’ll donate a portion of your subscription to National Forest Foundation.

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

Greek proverb

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