Share videos and broadcast live in our customizable player Share videos and broadcast live in our customizable player

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Our player is packed with features

Create as many unique video players as you want.

  • Change the colors to match your branding
  • Create video on-demand playlists
  • Generate still or animated video thumbnails
  • Show or hide video player controls
  • Autoplay or loop your video
  • Save time with player presets and defaults

Smart, secure, and social

Give your audience an unparalleled viewing experience.

  • Automatic bandwidth detection and quality adjustment ensures smooth playback for viewers
  • AES 128 encryption enables secure video delivery
  • Optional social sharing and embed code sharing player controls
  • Change video playback speed or select a resolution
Video embed code options on SproutVideo for player size, post-play settings, and color scheme

Easy embed options, no coding skills required

It’s as easy as copy-and-paste to embed your videos. SproutVideo's embed codes work seamlessly with platforms like Shopify, Wordpress, Squarespace, and more.

  • Responsive inline embed codes
  • Lightbox (pop-up overlay) embed code
  • Embed codes for marketing campaigns and emails
  • Mobile Playback

    Need video on the go? No problem! We support HTML5, and every modern device and browser.

  • Format Support

    We support just about any type of video file you can throw at us. We've yet to meet a format we didn’t like!

  • Up to 8K Video

    We support video in HD and Ultra-HD, all the way up to 4K and 8K, so your videos look as stunning on the web as when you made them.

  • CDN Delivery

    We use a global content distribution network to ensure the best video playback possible everywhere.

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Accelerate your growth with sophisticated video marketing Accelerate your growth with sophisticated video marketing

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Capture leads, drive traffic, and boost campaigns

Leverage powerful video marketing tools for your live streams and videos on the SproutVideo platform.

  • Catch viewer attention with in-player calls to action
  • Grow your list with customizable video lead capture tools
  • Direct engaged traffic with post-play screens
  • Improve your search rank with easy video SEO
  • Increase CTR with email embed codes
  • Integrate with Hubspot, Zapier, Mailchimp, and more

Understand viewer behavior with video engagement metrics Understand viewer behavior with video engagement metrics

Track and Analyze Each Viewer

Get to know your viewers like never before. These incredibly useful insights can help you:

  • Identify who is actually watching your videos and live streams
  • Improve your content by highlighting drop-off points
  • Send targeted marketing campaigns
  • Measure completion rates of training or educational material
A sample of video engagement metrics from SproutVideo
Example of a live stream hosted on the SproutVideo platform.

See Live Stream Viewer Engagement in Real Time

Track your audience in detail while live streaming your latest announcement, town hall, event, or demo.

  • Currently Watching—See exactly how many viewers are tuning in in real time
  • Peak Views—Pinpoint the moment when the most people were watching
  • Unique Visitors—Understand how many individuals watched your live stream
  • Average Time Watched—Gauge overall engagement by understanding how long your average viewer tuned-in

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Never compromise on the security of your video content Never compromise the security of your videos Never compromise on video security Never compromise on video security

Advanced Control Over Your Content

For both live and on-demand video content, we offer multiple ways to define your audience and level of security:

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Limit Where Your Videos Can Be Shared Limit Where Your Videos Can Be Shared

  • Private Videos

    Ensure your videos only appear where they are embedded.

  • Restrict Access

    Restrict access to your videos based on specific URLs, IP address, and/or geographic location.

  • Signed Embed Codes Signed Embeds

    Set an expiration time for your embed code, ensuring that the embed code cannot be shared on another site.

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Easy and secure account management tools Easy and secure Easy and secure account management account management

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Working together is better than ever

Whether you’re a team of 1 or a team of 50, our features will help you work more efficiently and collaboratively.

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Launch a professionally-designed, responsive site in minutes Launch a responsive website in minutes

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Our Video Websites are Ready for Business

Control access to live broadcasts or videos on your website using any of our privacy settings, or watch your traffic soar with built-in marketing tools.

The best part? They're designed to work seamlessly with our platform so you can create a beautiful website in minutes.

Flexible themes to make it your own

Each theme is highly customizable, from the basics, like logos and color schemes, to advanced options like adding CSS and Javascript to really change things up.

Our intuitive theme editor enables you to launch your portfolio, marketing site, or internal video portal without touching a line of code!

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Everything you need to succeed with online video. Everything you need to succeed with online video. Everything you need to succeed with online video.

Video Security

  • Password Protection

    Password Protection Require a password for viewers to watch your video.

  • Viewer Login Protection

    Viewer Login Protection For more granular viewing access control, create a viewer login for individuals and grant them custom video access. Specify when a viewer's access begins and ends, how many times a video can be viewed, enable/disable a dynamic watermark, and determine if the viewer has access to download your video.

  • Domain Whitelist

    Domain Whitelist Restrict video playback to URLs you specify.

  • Signed Embed Codes

    Signed Embed Codes Prevent your videos from being embedded where you do not want them to be by appending a secret signature to your embed code.

  • SSL Embeds

    SSL Embeds Our embed codes support https, which means no mixed content warnings, ever.

  • IP Address Restriction

    IP Address Restriction Your videos won’t load or be playable for any viewer originating from an unapproved connection.

  • Single-Sign-On

    Single-Sign-On Seamlessly integrate a video site with your company’s existing digital assets by allowing employees to login with existing credentials.

  • Video Access Log

    Video Access Log Track who has watched your video, when they watched it, and how much they watched or rewatched.

  • Private Videos

    Private Videos Only discoverable and playable on sites where they are embedded, and not on the SproutVideo platform.

  • Geo Location Restriction

    Geo Location Restriction Restrict the countries where your videos can be played.

  • Dynamic Watermarking

    Dynamic Watermarking Deter unauthorized screen recording by dynamically watermarking viewer email address, IP address, and session ID in your videos.

Account Management

  • Multi-User Accounts

    Multi-User Accounts Each SproutVideo account comes with a minimum of 5 account seats, allowing you to add your team members with different permissions and roles to help you upload videos and manage your account.

  • Audit Log

    Audit Log Easily review your team member’s activity, and keep track of who did what.

  • Folder and Tag Organization

    Folder and Tag Organization Keep all your content organized in your account using folders and tags. Group your content into tag categories on your hosted video website.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Two-Factor Authentication Step up the security of your SproutVideo account by implementing two-factor authentication for your SproutVideo account.

  • Easy Usage Reporting

    Easy Usage Reporting Check your bandwidth and storage usage at any time by reviewing your Usage reports within your account.

  • Account-Wide Video Settings

    Account-Wide Video Settings Set videos to private or public, retain your source video files, adjust download permissions, manage embed code presets, allow social or embed code sharing through the player, and set allowed domains, ip addresses, or geo-restriction at the account-wide level.

  • Bandwidth Caps

    Bandwidth Caps Set a maximum limit to your account’s streaming to prevent overages.

  • Easy Account Switching

    Easy Account Switching If you’ve been added to more than one SproutVideo account, or own more than one account, you can easily toggle between your accounts without logging out.

  • Billing Contact

    Billing Contact The billing contact for your account will receive all important email notifications pertaining to your SproutVideo account, including receipts and past due notifications.

  • Clone Content

    Clone Content Cloning your videos, live streams, and playlists makes it even easier to share content with different privacy settings, perform A/B tests on different thumbnails, or simply streamline your workflow when adding new content by copying over custom settings from your existing videos, live streams, and playlists.

Data & Analytics

  • Video Impressions

    Video Impressions The total number of times your video was loaded.

  • Video Plays

    Video Plays The total number of times your video was watched.

  • Unique Viewers

    Unique Viewers The unique number of viewing sessions your video(s) received.

  • Location

    Location Where in the world your viewers were located when they watched your video(s).

  • Domains

    Domains The URL(s) where your video was played.

  • Popularity

    Popularity Your most-watched videos, ranked.

  • Playback Type

    Playback Type Find out if viewers are watching HMTL5 or Flash.

  • Device Type

    Device Type Desktop or mobile? An important metric for video optimization.

  • Downloads

    Downloads Track downloads in detail in these reports, including the download type and total number of downloads.

  • Exportable Data

    Exportable Data You can export your data from multiple reports, including engagement, analytics, downloads, and more, allowing you to perform advanced analysis of your account performance.

Engagement Tracking

  • Viewer Tracking / Tagging

    Viewer Tracking / Tagging Know exactly who is watching your videos, when, and how much they are watching. Track their email address, IP address, and more.

  • Average Video Engagement

    Average Video Engagement Where do viewers drop off? What do they rewatch? Find out with detailed video engagement heatmapping.

  • Viewer Location & Device

    Viewer Location & Device Where are your viewers, and what browser, operating system, and device are they using?

  • Total Time Watched

    Total Time Watched The total minutes your viewers have watched to date.

  • Viewer IP Address

    Viewer IP Address Track your viewers’ IP addresses when they connect to your video.

Marketing Tools

  • Lead Capture

    Lead Capture Require first name, last name, and email address from viewers to watch a video.

  • Marketing Integrations

    Marketing Integrations Send leads directly to your marketing platform of choice.

  • In-Player Call-to-Action

    In-Player Call-to-Action Display a message with a link at a specific time during video playback.

  • Custom Post-Play Screens

    Custom Post-Play Screens Keep viewers engaged with a customizable post-play link, form, or image, and make it your own with custom HTML.

  • Video Landing Pages

    Video Landing Pages We automatically generate landing pages for all your videos with built in social sharing, video download links, and more.

  • Social Sharing

    Social Sharing SproutVideo landing pages and video sites are video-card enabled, meaning you can easily post your videos to social media sites.

  • Video SEO

    Video SEO Easily create video sitemaps to help search engines find your rich video content and drive organic traffic to the page on which they are embedded.

  • Zapier Integration

    Zapier Integration Connect your SproutVideo account with hundreds of apps, like Salesforce, Marketo, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more, through this powerful integration.

Video Websites

  • Fully Customizable Website

    Fully Customizable Website Build a beautiful website around your video content in a matter of minutes.

  • Multiple Brandable Themes

    Multiple Brandable Themes You can choose a custom URL, upload your logo, play with custom color options, and more.

  • Disqus Comments

    Disqus Comments Allow viewers to interact on your video landing page by enabling commenting, powered by Disqus, a totally free commenting service.

  • Categories & Search

    Categories & Search Make it easy to find specific videos with powerful search built-in, and the ability to categorize your videos.

  • Site-wide Privacy Controls

    Site-wide Privacy Controls Leverage single-sign-on or IP address restriction to keep your videos secure. All our other video privacy settings will also work on these video sites.

  • Google Analytics Integration

    Google Analytics Integration Plug in your Google Analytics ID to track your visitors and overall site performance.

  • Social Media Sharing

    Social Media Sharing Get more reach, fans, and followers with built-in social sharing tools.

  • CSS & Javascript Editor

    CSS & Javascript Editor For more advanced customization, add your own CSS and Javascript.

Video Playback

  • All Mobile Devices

    All Mobile Devices We test and support video playback on all mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

  • All Modern Browsers

    All Modern Browsers We test and support video playback on all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and more.

  • All Operating Systems

    All Operating Systems We test and support video playback on all operating systems.

  • Support for up to 8K Video

    Support for up to 8K Video Let your videos shine in true Ultra HD formats, with support for 240p all the way up to 4K and 8K video for playback.

  • Support for Apple AirPlay

    Support for Apple AirPlay Choose to reduce security and allow AirPlay for your live and on-demand videos account-wide, or on a per-video basis.

  • True Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

    True Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Our player automatically detects your viewer’s bandwidth, and delivers the optimal video resolution and bitrate accordingly to ensure smooth playback every time.

  • Global CDN Delivery

    Global CDN Delivery Our global content distribution network ensures your viewers will experience smooth video playback no matter where they are in the world.

  • HTML5 and Flash

    HTML5 and Flash The SproutVideo player will automatically launch in HTML5 mode by default but will fall back to Flash for old devices when HTML5 isn't available.

  • Live Streaming

    Live Streaming Broadcast live video in real time to your audience.

Video Encoding

  • Upload Any Video Format

    Upload Any Video Format SproutVideo accepts every modern video format, and will transcode your video for optimal performance online.

  • Automatic Video Thumbnails

    Automatic Video Thumbnails During the encoding process, SproutVideo automatically generates several images to be used as a video thumbnail (or poster frame), so you don’t have to upload an image unless you want to.

  • Retain Source Video File

    Retain Source Video File We create multiple versions of your video during the encoding process, but you may want to retain the source video file to serve as a backup of the original file or to allow viewers to download the original file.

  • Ultra HD Formats

    Ultra HD Formats We can generate 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, 4K and 8K versions of your videos so they’ll look sharp and stream smoothly, even for slow connections.

  • 60 Frames Per Second

    60 Frames Per Second We support frame frates up to 60 frames per second for buttery smooth motion.

Video Player

  • Unbranded

    Unbranded You will never see a SproutVideo logo on our player.

  • Custom Video Thumbnails

    Custom Video Thumbnails Customize your poster frames and video thumbnails by selecting a single frame (static image) or range (animated loop) from your video, or uploading your own GIF, JPG, or PNG for videos and live streams.

  • Autoplay Option

    Autoplay Option If you want your embedded videos to play automatically when the page loads, you can do so with our autoplay feature.

  • Loop Option

    Loop Option To have an embedded video play repeatedly, set it to loop.

  • Embed Code Presets

    Embed Code Presets Speed up your video embed process with the ability to save customized player presets. Just select the one you want, then it’s as easy as copy and paste.

  • Closed Captions / Subtitles

    Closed Captions / Subtitles SproutVideo supports multi-lingual closed captions and video subtitles so your audience can pick their preferred language.

  • Custom Size & Colors

    Custom Size & Colors Change the aspect ratio and the colors of the player to fit your branding and the page on which it is embedded.

  • Social Sharing

    Social Sharing Help your videos go viral with easy social sharing built into our player.

  • Embed Code Sharing

    Embed Code Sharing Let others post your video on their websites by enabling them to easily copy the video embed code from the player.

  • Downloading

    Downloading Enable the downloading of multiple formats of your video through the player.

  • Variable Playback Speed

    Variable Playback Speed Viewers can speed up or slow down your video, from 0.5x to 2x.

  • Player Privacy Mode

    Player Privacy Mode Disable tracking of personally identifiable information.

Embed Code Options

  • Lightbox Embed Code

    Lightbox Embed Code Launch a pop-up overlay that plays your video when someone clicks on a poster frame image on your site.

  • Responsive Embed Code

    Responsive Embed Code Ensure your embedded player adjusts automatically to the size of your viewers’ screens, no coding required.

  • Email Embed Code

    Email Embed Code Easily place an poster frame image that is linked to your video, or a landing page of your choice, in an email campaign and automatically collect viewer's email addresses in your analytics when they view your video.

Video Playlists

  • Multiple Layout Options

    Multiple Layout Options SproutVideo playlists can list videos on the righthand side of a player, below the player, or hide the list of videos from view entirely.

  • Custom Ordering

    Custom Ordering Easily change the order of your videos exactly how you like.

  • Embed Code Presets

    Embed Code Presets Save time by saving your playlist formatting and behaviors as a preset so you can easily reuse your custom settings for new playlists.

  • Unlimited Players

    Unlimited Players Generate a new custom player for your playlists as often as needed with multiple configuration options for the player’s appearance and features.

  • Drag and Drop Ordering

    Drag and Drop Ordering Changing the order of your playlist is as easy as drag-and-drop.

  • Clone Playlists

    Clone Playlists Clone a playlist to streamline sharing content with multiple audiences that have different privacy settings, or simplify your workflow when creating new playlists by duplicating custom settings from an existing playlist.


  • Intuitive RESTful Interface

    Intuitive RESTful Interface Our up-to-date and organized API documentation is easy to work with for more technically advanced users.

  • Upload, Edit & Delete Videos

    Upload, Edit & Delete Videos You can systematize the core functions of our platform to seamlessly integrate our video hosting services with your existing website(s) or app.

  • Manage Privacy Settings

    Manage Privacy Settings Edit and update video privacy settings through the API.

  • Create & Manage Playlists

    Create & Manage Playlists Easily setup and edit playlists through the API.

  • Access Analytics

    Access Analytics Pull your analytics data for advanced or custom analyses and reporting.

  • Access Engagement Metrics

    Access Engagement Metrics Pull your video engagement metrics for advanced or custom analyses and reporting.

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