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Total Control Over Access To Your Content

With SproutVideo, you get complete control over who can access your live and on-demand video content. Our security options offer straightforward ways to protect your content:

  • Private Videos

    Ensure your videos only appear where they are embedded.

  • Restrict Access

    Restrict access to your videos based on specific URLs, IP address, and/or geographic location.

  • Signed Embed Codes Signed Embeds

    Set an expiration time for your embed code, ensuring that the embed code cannot be shared on another site.

Limit Where Your Videos Can Be Shared

Ensure only your intended audience can view your videos and live streams with our premium video privacy tools:

Diagram of video and live stream access restriction tools
An example of viewer login activity and engagement in the SproutVideo platform

Track Your Viewers at a Granular Level

Want to feel confident in the security of your video content?

Our reporting gives you insights into exactly who is watching your videos, where they found them online, and even how much they watched. Track viewers by their email address, IP address, location, device, and see how engaged they are with your videos.

Want total control of your live and on-demand video security? Want total control of your live and on-demand video security? Want total control of your live & on-demand live & on-demand video security?

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