Looking for a secure video hosting provider for your business? Look no further.

With SproutVideo you get complete control over who can access your online videos. Make your videos completely private so they only play where they are embedded. Create individual viewer logins for each video, and track when they watch your video. Or, upload password protected videos for secure sharing.

If your company requires broader security measures to protect your online hosted video, SproutVideo also offers IP Address restriction and Single-Sign-On for seamless online video security. No matter which option works best for you, SproutVideo gives you the granular control you need to keep your videos safe.

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  • Password Protection
  • IP Address Restriction
  • Private Videos
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Domain Whitelisting
  • SSL Embed Codes
  • Encrypted Streaming (RTMPE)

Control and track video access

We offer more security tools at lower prices than any competitor, making it easy for you to securely share your video content while tracking who has access to it on a granular level. We have multiple privacy settings – including private, password, and login protected – available for when you don't want your video to go viral.

Multiple ways to monitor activity

Our video engagement metrics and video access log tell you everything you need to know to improve your videos and track your audience over time.

  • Impressions
  • Plays
  • Engagement
  • Location
  • IP Address
  • And more!

Restrict where your videos can be accessed and played.

  • Domain Whitelist

    If you want your videos to only play on your website, it's easy to do with our domain whitelist feature.

  • Signed Embed Codes

    Set an expiration time for your embed code, ensuring that the embed code cannot be shared on another site.

  • IP Address Restriction

    Restrict video access to connections coming from a specific ip address, network, or block of ip addresses.

  • Single Sign On

    Bring your own authentication system and provide seamless access to your videos for your viewers.

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