How to Upload a GoToMeeting Video

We currently support GoToMeeting’s G2M1 and G2M2 codecs and are working on supporting G2M3 and G2M4. For G2M1 AND G2M2 videos, simply upload the videos as normal. If you have a G2M3 or G2M4 video, please do the following to upload the video:

  1. Visit the Citrixonline support center and download the Transcoding Wizard

  2. Convert an existing recording to a format we support using the following steps:

    A. Run the GoToConverter.exe file.

    B. Your GoToMeeting recordings (from the default recording location) will be auto-listed in the converter or you can click Select File(s) and select your recording(s) manually.

    C. Click Start. Your videos will begin to transcode and then be replaced with the newly transcoded video.

Once the process is complete, the converted video can be uploaded to SproutVideo.

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