How to Easily Compress Your Video to Reduce its Size

The easiest way to reduce the size of your video file while maintaining its quality is to download a great little application called Miro. Miro is free, compatible with Mac and PC, and makes compressing your videos as easy as drag and drop.

Miro Download

After downloading and installing the software follow these steps to compress your video.

How to Use Miro to Compress a Video

Drag and drop the video(s) to Miro, or navigate to the folder in which they are located:

Use Miro to compress your videos prior to uploading to your SproutVideo video hosting account

Click on Format, select Video, and then MP4:

Convert your video to MP4 to upload to your SproutVideo video hosting account

Click Convert to MP4:

Finish converting your video to MP4 with Miro

If you are unsure of where to find the finished file, click on ‘Show File,’ or the Gear drop down, and select, ‘Show output folder’:

Find your finished file converted by Miro to upload to your SproutVideo video hosting account

Your converted file is now ready to upload to your video hosting account on For additional details on video compression, please refer to our help article on Video Compression Guidelines.

This should help you save space. Our example video was originally 1 MB, and is now only 228 KB!

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