Google Apps SSO

Google Apps provides an Identity Provider that makes it very easy to use SSO with your SproutVideo Website. This help article will walk you through setting this up.

Step 1

Sign into your company’s Google Apps dashboard.

Step 2

Expand the “Apps” section from the left navigation menu and click on “Web and mobile apps”.

Navigate to 'Web and mobile apps' in Google Admin

Step 3

While in the Web and mobile apps view, click on the “Add App” menu and select “Add custom SAML app”.

Add a custom SAML app in Google Admin

Step 4

App Details

  1. Enter a name for your application. This is what will be displayed in your Google Apps dashboard.
  2. You can upload an icon for your app, but this is optional.
  3. Click the CONTINUE button on the bottom right.

Name your custom SAML app in Google Admin

Step 5

Open SproutVideo in a new tab/window

  1. Keep Google open, and log in to your SproutVideo account in a new tab or window.
  2. In the Site Editor, click the “Advanced” tab and scroll down until you see the section titled “Enable SSO for Viewer Authentication”.
  3. Go back to your Google SAML app set up tab to find the SAML SSO URL and Certificate Fingerprint values. You’ll need those to fill out your SSO settings in SproutVideo.

Copy Google Identity Provider details

  1. In your Google Admin console, you should be in step 2 of the “Add custom SAML app”
  2. Under “Option 2: Copy the SSO URL, entity ID, and certificate” click the icon to copy your “SSO URL” and paste this value in to the “SAML SSO URL” field in your SproutVideo site editor settings.
  3. Then, come back to Google and click the icon to copy the “SHA-256 fingerprint”, paste this value in the “Certificate Fingerprint” field in your SproutVideo site editor settings.
  4. Come back to Google and click CONTINUE.

Copy Google Identity Provider details into SproutVideo advanced website settings

Step 6

Enter service provider details in Google

  1. You’ll need to find your ACS URL from your SproutVideo site editor located below the SAML SSO URL field. Be sure to copy your entire ACS (Assertion Consumer Service) URL, including ‘https://’. Come back to Google and paste the URL in the first field labeled “ACS URL”.
  2. Enter your SproutVideo video website URL in the “Entity ID” field excluding ‘https://’, for example:
  3. In the “Start URL” field, enter your SproutVideo video website URL again, but be sure to include ‘https://’, for example:
  4. Under the “Name ID” section, click “UNSPECIFIED” in “Name ID format” and select “EMAIL”.
  5. Click CONTINUE.

Add service provider details from SproutVideo to Google SAML app

Step 7

Click FINISH to add your custom SAML app in Google.

Save and finish creating SAML app in Google Admin

Step 8

Once your app is added in Google. You’ll see an overview of your new app’s settings and details.

Click to expand the “User access” section.

Expand user access panel in Google Admin

Step 9

  1. Select “ON for everyone”.
  2. Click “SAVE” to save this change.

Turn on service status for everyone in Google Admin

Step 10

Enable SSO in SproutVideo

  1. Now that your Google app is set up, you can return to SproutVideo and click the “Enable SSO” toggle in your site editor settings to switch the toggle to ON.
  2. Enter any “Remote Logout URL” you’d like. This is the URL that SproutVideo will return your users to after they log out, e.g.
  3. Click the “SAVE CHANGES TO SETTINGS” button at the top of the page to save.

Now, when you attempt to access your video website, you will be automatically authenticated through your Google Apps account!

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