How to Embed a Video on Squarespace

SproutVideo makes adding videos to your Squarespace site very quick and easy to do. If you’re looking for a third party hosting provider for your Squarespace website, look no further.

To add video to your Squarespace page follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the video you would like to embed in your SproutVideo account.

  2. Copy the embed code you would like to use for this video. You can use a customized embed code or the default code provided.

    Copy the embed code

  3. Login to your Squarespace account.

  4. Navigate to the page where you wish to embed your video, and click an ‘Insert Point’ or the ‘+’ symbol.

  5. Select ‘Embed’ from the menu.

    Select Embed

  6. Click the ‘< / >’ icon in the URL field to display or edit the embed code.

    Click the icon

  7. Paste in the embed code copied in step 2 and click ‘Set.’

    Paste in the embed code

  8. Click ‘Apply’ to save your changes and the video will appear on your Squarespace page.

    See your video on Squarespace

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