Change Your Video Website Colors

Each SproutVideo website theme has different colors you can change, but the basic process is the same. For the majority of themes, you can change the background color of your site, which appears in the main body of the site, the link colors, and text colors. Some themes feature additional options, like borders. It Is fun to play around with different combinations, or, check out our guide to picking HEX colors to match existing branding.

How to Change a Site Color Setting

Changing the colors of your website is easy, and is meant to be fun. Start by navigating to the theme editor by hovering your mouse over Site at the top of the page, and then selecting “Theme Design” from the drop down menu that appears. Next, select “Style” on the lefthand side of the screen and scroll if needed until you see the section called “Colors”. There, you will find all the available color settings for your chosen theme.

Click on the small color box next to the text “Background Color,” “Text Color” or “Link Color” to open a color picker. You can move the selector around and use the slider to the right side of the color picker to get the exact shade you want. You can also paste a HEX color value into the HEX value field in the bottom righthand corner of the color picker. Using a HEX value is the best way to get an exact match.

Change different colors for your video site hosted by SproutVideo

Determining a HEX Color

If you would like to match an existing site or logo precisely, there are several handy (and free) tools online that can help. For example:

We are a fan because of the way the images are handled securely in the browser, and because of how easy and intuitive it is to use. Just upload your image, click “Show Image,” and move your mouse around to select the exact color you want. Then, copy and paste the HEX code to your SproutVideo color picker. By all means, use your favorite tool - whatever works best for you!

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