Enable Commenting on Your Video Website or Landing Pages

To enable commenting on your video website hosted by SproutVideo, start by creating a free account with Disqus, a third party commenting application with moderation tools.

Enable Commenting on Your Video Site

If you already have your Disqus shortname, navigate to your SproutVideo account, select the ‘Site Editor’ button at the top of your page, and then click on the ‘Social’ tab on the lefthand side of the screen. Enter your Disqus shortname in the corresponding field, and commenting will automatically be enabled for all videos on your video site. Be sure to click ‘Publish Changes’ when you are done editing your pages.

Enable Commenting on Your SproutVideo Website

Creating and Locating Your Disqus Site Shortname

Your shortname is located in the general settings of the site you create for commenting. You can access any of your created sites within your Disqus Admin page.

  1. In order to create a new site for commenting, you will need to click on the gear icon that appears at the top right of your Disqus account. Then click on ‘Add Disqus To Site’
    Disqus Settings

  2. You will be redirected to their features page, which thoroughly explains all the Disqus platform has to offer. Scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on the ‘GET STARTED’ button.
    Disqus Features Page

  3. Then click on ‘I want to install Disqus on my site’ on the next page.
    Install Disqus On My Site

  4. Complete the form to create your new site. Please keep in mind that the Website Name you choose will be included in the Shortname and can not be changed.
    New Site Form

  5. After you have successfully created the site, selected your plan type, and configured your moderation setup, you will be able to manage all your created sites from this admin page.
    Plan Selection

  6. To find your selected site’s shortname, just click on the ‘Settings’ tab you see at the top. You should then see Shortname listed within the general site settings.
    Sites General Settings

Copy and paste the short name into your SproutVideo site editor and your Disqus site will be linked!

Moderating Comments

Using the Disqus dashboard, you can set moderation rules to help you moderate commenting on your video site. For instance, you can set rules to help prevent any spammers from commenting on your site by forcing any comment including a link to remain Pending.

Allow Commenting for Viewers Without a Disqus Account

To allow your audience to comment on your videos without opening a Disqus account, enable guest commenting for your Disqus account. That way, anyone with access to your video site will be able to leave a comment on a video, and they will not have to create a Disqus account first.

Keeping Discussions Private

Recently, Disqus made some changes to make their platform more social and more discovery-oriented, which has some implications for the privacy of conversations on Disqus. To make sure your conversations stay private and are not surfaced publicly in the Disqus application, be sure to enable that option within your Disqus account.

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