How to Password Protect Your Entire Video Website

Password protecting your video website makes it so that potential viewers have to enter a password on the very first landing page before any aspect of your video site will load. That means that none of your videos, additional pages, or site content will load until someone enters the correct password.

Depending on the theme you select, the password page will look something like this:

password protected video website hosted by SproutVideo

Setting Up Password Protection for Your SproutVideo Website

To password protect your video website, navigate to the ‘Site Editor’ at the top of the page, then navigate to the ‘Advanced’ tab. Enter the password you’d like to use for your site in the ‘Require Password to Access Video Site’ field, and click ‘Save Changes to Settings’ to update your site.

password protect your video website

Note: Password protecting your video website is the primary setting when it’s enabled, meaning it supersedes your video privacy settings. Your video privacy settings are secondary settings. For example, if a video is public, viewers will still have to enter the site password before they can access public videos on your video website.

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