What is an Unlisted Video and How it Works with Your Video Website

An unlisted video does not appear in the video listing on the homepage of your video website. It is not searchable for those arriving on your video website homepage. However, you can share a link to an unlisted video with a viewer, and they will be able to navigate to your other videos through your video website homepage, and also access search and any other pages on your site.

This setting is useful for making a video available via a link to only the people you share it with, however, it’s important to keep in mind that there is no technical mechanism that might prevent someone from sharing that link with other people.

How to Make Your Video Unlisted

Open the video in question and find the ‘Video Website Visibility’ field. Open the dropdown menu and select “Do NOT list this video on my video website”

Hide a Video From Your Video Website

NOTE: An unlisted video may still be indexed by search engines. If you prefer to block search engines from discovering your content, enable the “Block search engine indexing” toggle for any individual video or as a site-wide preference in the Site Editor.

Read more about preventing search engines from indexing your videos.

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