How to Use HTML in Video Descriptions

Video description fields support a limited amount of HTML when using our video website features, whether you are using the full site, or just individual landing pages.

The supported tags are as follows:

  • Bold <strong> OR <b>
  • Italic <em> OR <i>
  • Underline <u>
  • Ordered List <ol>
  • Unordered List <ul>
  • List Item <li>
  • Links <a>

Note: For the <a> tag, the only attribute we support is href; we automatically add rel=nofollow to all links; and the target is set to _blank, so it will open a new window. We support ftp, http, https, mailto, and protocol relative urls.

Enter your HTML in-line in the video description. Here is an example:

inline HTML for a video description field

This is how it will appear on your video landing page (this will vary according to your selected theme):

example of rendered HTML in a video description on a SproutVideo video landing page

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