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The old way

Creating a video website is time-consuming and expensive. This complex process requires multiple 3rd parties and expert technical knowledge. Worse, video security is still a concern.

With SproutVideo

Create a beautiful video website in a matter of minutes. Get easy access to all the marketing and security features you need, plus a dedicated support rep, free with every account.

Marketing tools for when you want to go viral,
security tools for when you don’t.

SproutVideo websites are built on top of a powerful video marketing platform.

Our video websites make it easy to leverage your rich content in marketing campaigns. Match your company’s existing branding with highly configurable theme options, and connect to your audience with built-in social sharing features. Accelerate the growth of your marketing lists with email capture tools and platform integrations. To make your life even easier, all SproutVideo websites offer built-in SEO features.

With in-depth reporting available, measuring the performance of your marketing videos has never been easier, with engagement heat-mapping and detailed analytical data about your audience.

Video websites, hosted by SproutVideo, provide many social sharing options

Selectively share your videos with confidence using our robust video privacy features.

Every video website incorporates SproutVideo’s enterprise-level security features for seamlessly sharing your videos securely online. Depending on the level of privacy your content requires, you can implement single-sign-on (SSO), IP Address restriction, login protection, or password protection to keep your videos from falling into the wrong hands.

It's also easy to enable or disable download permissions for secure content delivery. No matter how you plan to share your videos, we have the tools you need to protect your content.

Video websites, hosted by SproutVideo, offer many privacy and security settings for videos

Customizing your video website is easy and fun with our user-friendly theme editor.

With several themes to choose from, and endless customization options, you can quickly and easily make a unique video website that’s all your own. Upload your logo, pick custom colors, and configure your favorite theme in a matter of minutes.

Our themes are professionally designed and offer all the functionality you need to build a great-looking site in no time at all. Even better, there is no code to install or any technical knowledge required.

Video websites, hosted by SproutVideo, are highly customizable and brandable

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