Sharing Your Video Site With Your Audience

To share a video website hosted by SproutVideo, you can simply share the URL you selected when signing up, which will send people to your site’s homepage. It probably looks something like this:


If you created a custom CNAME record for your video site, then you would want to share that URL instead, although either URL will work and will send viewers to the same place. It probably looks something like this:


If you are unsure of your site URL, you can mouse over the ‘Globe’ icon at the top of your page to see your URL. If you click on this icon it will open your video website in a new browser window or tab.

Open Your SproutVideo Website in a New Window or Tab

You can also share a link directly to a video, which is located in the ‘Sharing’ box on the video detail page. Here is a help article that walks you through locating that link:

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