Add Categories to Organize Videos on Your Video Website

To help viewers quickly navigate to different groups of videos, and to support the layout of different themes, you can create Categories to organize videos on your video site. Once enabled, the Category drop down menu will automatically appear on your video site.

1. Tag Your Videos

Categories are driven by tags, which you can create and assign from the Videos page. For more information about tagging your videos, please refer to this help article:

To display categories on your video website, log into your SproutVideo account, select the ‘Site Editor’ button, then select the ‘Categories’ tab on the lefthand side of your screen. Once there, select any Tags you want to feature as Categories. You can reorder them, and depending on your theme, add metadata like a Category image or description (not available with all themes). Click ‘Publish Changes’ when finished.

Enable Categories for Your SproutVideo Website

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