Add Videos to Your Video Website

Adding Videos to Your Video Website

Videos will appear on your video website according to their privacy setting. By default, all videos uploaded to SproutVideo are private. Private videos will not appear on your video website. For a video to appear on your video website, it will need to be Public, Password Protected, or Login Protected.

Public Videos

Public videos appear on your video website. Anyone with a link to your video website will be able to view the video. This link explains who can see Public and Private videos.

Password Protected Videos

Password Protected videos will appear on your video website but will require a password to be entered before they are viewable. All of your viewers will use the same password to access the video.

Login Protected Videos

Login Protection allows you to create each viewer a username and password and grant them access to specific videos. Each viewer will have to enter their own unique username and password before they can view the video.

Hide On Video Website

When a video is hidden from the Video Website, your viewer will need a direct link to the video in order to view that video. Viewers will not be able to find a Hidden video by browsing your video website. However, once they are on the landing page for a Hidden video, they can navigate back to the other content available on your video website.

Site-Wide Password

Password protecting your video website makes it so that potential viewers have to enter a password on the very first landing page before any aspect of your video site loads. That means that none of your videos, additional pages, or site content will load until someone enters the correct password.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a user authentication service your company may use to manage employees’ access to 3rd party services. When using SSO, your employees can use the same username and password to log into multiple applications. This makes it easier for your employees to keep track of their login information.

IP Address Restrictions

Allowed IP Addresses can be enabled for each individual video or account-wide. If you enable this feature, anyone who tries to access your videos from an IP address other than the ones you specify will be blocked.

Geo Whitelist

When using the geo whitelist, you can designate the specific countries or regions where your videos can be played. Once enabled, your videos will not load or play in any country or region that is not included in your whitelist.

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