Video can be an extremely useful tool for growing audiences, building brand awareness, and driving sales. The best way to highlight your content and maximize the impact of your videos is with an optimized video landing page.

In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about video landing pages. We’ll cover what they are, who should use them, and how to implement them for the best results. 

What is a Video Landing Page? 

A video landing page is pretty much what it sounds like — a static webpage that uses video to convert visitors into customers. Also known as lead capture pages, static pages, destination pages, and post-click pages, they’re typically dedicated to a specific marketing campaign or offer. 

Video is known to be very effective at improving conversion rates. Data shows that 90% of customers claim video aids their buying decisions, and 64% of customers share that watching a video increases the likelihood that they will purchase.

Video landing pages combine the conversion potential of both video and static landing pages. Simply adding video to your landing page can increase conversions by 85%. Video can also be incorporated into the landing page alongside the text, or the page can feature a video above the fold to capture the customer’s attention before they have the chance to bounce. 

Why Use Video Landing Pages?

The marketing benefits of video are substantial, and for good reason. About 66% of people rely on video as their chief information source, and the following are some of the reasons why:

Video Communicates the Point

Packaging everything you want your customer to know or feel about your product into a short and sweet video clip is a great way to communicate clearly with your audience. Considering how little time you have to snag a visitor’s attention, saying everything you want to in your landing page copy isn’t always the most effective way to get the point across. Video helps you share that same information efficiently while reaping the never-ending benefits of video marketing. 

Video Boosts Customer Engagement 

If you want your website visitors to convert, they first have to engage with your content. Getting users to engage with highly visual content is much easier than through heavy text. Plus, creating a video that users will stick around to watch keeps them on your site for longer. 

Video Builds Brand Association 

Video landing pages are a great way to express the core elements of your brand. It’s much easier to convey brand personality through video than through landing page copy alone. Injecting your brand’s personality into landing page videos can double brand recognition, which increases the likelihood that users will convert down the line. 

Video Drives Conversions

We already mentioned that including video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by 85%. What’s the reason behind this shocking statistic? The marketing power of video. Video helps your website visitors connect emotionally with your brand, while directing them to convert with clear, concise messaging. 

Common Types of Video Landing Pages

Hero Video

This technique puts the video front and center, where the hero image would normally be. Essentially, the video is the star of the landing page. 

Supporting Video

By placing the video below the fold, it adds to the substance of the landing page without stealing the spotlight.

Background Video

Animated videos appear in the landing page’s background as a way to complement the headline, content, and CTA. 

Lightbox popups appear and play the video after the user clicks on a designated page element. 

The type of video landing page you create should depend on the goal you’re trying to achieve and the type of video you are implementing. Explainer videos act as solid supplementary elements, while product demo videos placed front and center entice customers to convert. And testimonial videos are another great way to drive conversions while building trust. 

Most Industries Can Benefit From Video Landing Pages

Video landing pages are practically universal in their effectiveness; any company looking to boost engagement, promote their brand, and present easy-to-digest content should put video landing pages to the test. The following industries stand to benefit the most from utilizing video landing pages:

Retail Companies

Retail companies can share product demos, explainer videos for products that might be more difficult to use, and customer testimonials. 


Explainer videos and educational content work wonders in the healthcare industry. It’s a field where customers need to understand the services and medications they are provided. Video landing pages can provide patients with this information, leaving them feeling comfortable with the standard of care they’re receiving. 


Video landing pages can help businesses in the education industry show visitors what is special about their institution. Customer testimonials and explainer videos are key here, especially for websites that cater to parents. Building an emotional connection with parents and potential students through video builds the trust necessary for students to enroll. 

Tech Companies

Product demos and explainer videos can make all the difference for tech companies that offer products and services with a steep learning curve, as they can help potential customers better understand why they need to convert. 

Small Businesses

Small businesses are built on the backs of loyal customers. Video landing pages can help foster a connection with those customers and build trust, loyalty, and a higher customer lifetime value. 

Best Practices for Creating Effective Video Landing Pages

Keep Videos Short 

Our attention spans are only getting shorter, so when it comes to how long customers will reasonably stick around to watch your landing page video, keep your expectations low. If you really want your audience to digest the full message you’re presenting them with, it needs to be bite-sized. 90 seconds is a good goal. 

Avoid Autoplay 

Users like to be in control of their browsing experience. Consider how popular personalization is right now. Having videos autoplay defeats the purpose of customizing the user experience and can potentially skyrocket your bounce rate. While there’s certainly a time and a place for autoplay, implementing it on your landing page isn’t ideal. 

Design Content Around the Video 

If you want your video landing page to be effective, the video needs to work with the landing page, not against it. For the best results, design your landing page content around your video. Consider where you want visitors’ eyes to land, as well as which elements you want to keep their attention. You shouldn’t risk distracting the visitor from the goal of the page, so video landing pages might not be the best place for elements like sidebars, headers, and callouts. If the goal is for them to watch the video, all other content should direct users toward watching that video and following the CTA. 

If you want your video to be the main area of focus on the page, it should be above the fold. And don’t sleep on a good headline. Your headline must attract users to your video, building a sense of urgency while teasing at the value your video has to offer. 

Make Sure the Video is High Quality 

Your video quality is a representation of your product. And since the video is the star of your landing page, don’t let it be an eyesore. The size and proportions should look natural on the page. And if users see a low definition video, they might automatically discount your product as low quality, too. Newer smartphones produce decent quality video, as long as you prioritize natural lighting, good audio (from an external microphone), and a steady hand. To learn more, check out our tips on how to use your smartphone for professional video.

Find Emotional Connections 

Emotional connection is part of what makes video such a persuasive form of media. Presenting video content that evokes strong emotions from your viewers will keep their attention long enough to show them why they need your product or service in the first place. 

Clearly State Calls to Action

The purpose of your content needs to be clear to you and even clearer to viewers throughout the entire video. Viewers should finish watching your video knowing exactly what to do next, thanks to a clearly stated call to action (CTA). Make whatever action you want your audience to take after watching the video as seamless as possible by providing a direct link. To make best use of this, be sure to host your videos on a platform that offers marketing features like CTA, lead capture, and video analytics.

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