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5 Use Cases for Business Videos & How to Track Success

5 MIN TO READ Discover how to use video to achieve business goals in customer support, learning and development, marketing, and more. We’ll also cover the video metrics needed to measure success. Review these video use cases to set clear goals for your video strategy.

15 Live Stream Metrics & How to Measure Success

13 MIN TO READ Discover how live streaming can empower your business or organization. Live streaming metrics allow organizations to determine ROI, meet compliance standards, maintain security measures, and more. Learn how to evaluate and improve your strategy using analytics in this SproutVideo platform guide.

Video Engagement: 10 Strategies to Grab & Hold Viewer Attention

9 MIN TO READ Maximize video engagement with these research-backed strategies. Learn how to measure engagement and evaluate the data. Try out these ten actionable strategies to get the most out of your video budget while building community and trust.

What is a Watermark for Video? Automatic Theft Prevention for Videos

8 MIN TO READ Video watermarks build brand awareness and protect private content. Creators and companies commonly add static logo watermarks to photos, videos, and PDFs. But static watermarks can be removed. Discover how to watermark videos and why it’s important, plus check out examples to decide which type of watermark is best for your business.

Product Update: Watermark Customizations, Direct Video Links, and Cloud Storage Importing

2 MIN TO READ The SproutVideo platform is improved regularly with valuable changes for you and your workflow. This roundup of product updates allows you to customize dynamic watermarks to prevent theft, manage video assets with the redesigned download workflow, copy direct video links and m3u8 for HLS streaming, and import videos directly from third-party storage services — plus 25 more additions!

The Ultimate Guide to Thank You Videos with Examples

9 MIN TO READ “Thank you” videos offer a casual way to intentionally appreciate the supporters, customers, and employees who meaningfully impact your business or organization. They also encourage retention and strengthen brand positioning. In this article, we’ll look at the best “thank you” video examples and share tips for making your own.

2D Animation: How to Easily Create an Animated Video for Beginners

We created a 2D animation for Earth Day in collaboration with a watercolor artist. Now we’re deconstructing our process to show you how easy it is to create your own 2D animated videos.   Uncap your creativity and discover the captivating world of 2D animations.