How to Generate or Customize an Email Embed Code

SproutVideo supports email embed codes for a majority of email newsletter service providers. An email embed code allows you to quickly and easily place your video poster frame in a campaign, and the image is linked to a video landing page (or URL of your choice).

Since most platforms do not support video playback in the inbox at this time, this is an excellent way to drive traffic to your video with an email campaign.

Implementing an email embed code is as easy as copy and paste. What’s more, we will automatically capture and track the email address of your viewers and report on viewer activity in your video engagement metrics.

How To Embed a Video in an Email Campaign Using a Basic Email Embed:

  • Go to the Videos page in your SproutVideo account, click on the video you’d like to embed, and look for the Email Embed option under the video image.

  • Select your Email Marketing Provider from the list.

  • Click on the code to copy the email embed code from the corresponding field.

generate an email embed code for your video hosted on SproutVideo


Go to the Videos page and move your mouse over the </> icon.

Copy the Email embed code for this video by simply clicking on the “Copy Email Embed Code” button.

Quickshare Email embed code

Customizing Your Email Embed Code

If you want to customize how the video appears on your site, please navigate to the Customizations tab, and select the Email Embed option. There, you can change the size of the image to be embedded in your campaign, change the player color or theme, and select your email service provider:

Customize the email embed code for a video hosted on SproutVideo

If your email service provider is not listed, contact support to have them added.

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