Securing Your Videos

Video Security

This guide will cover how to use SproutVideo’s security features to control who can view your videos and where the videos can be played.

Allowed IP Addresses

If you want to make sure that only people with a specific IP address or within an IP Range can view your video, you can use our Allowed IP Addresses feature. Allowed IP Addresses can be enabled for each individual video or account-wide. If you enable this feature, anyone who tries to access your videos from an IP address other than the ones you specify will be blocked.

Enable account-wide Allowed IP Addresses

To enable an account-wide Allowed IP Address, move your mouse over the person icon in the upper righthand side of the website and click ‘Account Settings.’ Navigate to the ‘Video Settings’ page on the left-hand side of your screen. Then scroll down until you see the ‘Allowed IP Addresses’ field and add in a list of IP addresses or IP address ranges separated by commas. Be sure to click ‘Save Playback Settings’ when you are finished.

Enable Allowed IP Addresses on a specific video

To enable an Allowed IP Address for one specific video, navigate to the video you wish to enable the Allowed IP Address for, then scroll down and click ‘Additional Video Settings.’ Select the ‘IP Addresses’ button. Add in a list of IP addresses or IP address ranges separated by commas, making sure to click ‘Save Addresses’ when you are finished.

Geo Whitelist

With geo whitelisting, you can designate the specific countries or regions that can play your videos. Once enabled, your videos will not load or play in any countries or regions not included in your whitelist. If this option is left blank, playback will be available anywhere in the world.

Enabling Geo Whitelisting Account Wide

Account owners and admins can enable this feature for all videos in the account by navigating to ‘Account Setting’ and clicking on ‘Video Settings.’ Under the ‘Restrict Video Playback’ section, use the Geo Whitelist drop down to select the countries or regions where you would like your videos to play, or start typing the name of the country or region you’d like to whitelist. Click ‘Save Settings for this Video’ when you are done.

Enable Geo Whitelisting Per Video

To whitelist geo playback for specific videos, click on the video from the videos page. Scroll down and click the toggle for ‘Additional Video Settings.’ Select ‘Country’ under ‘Restrict Video Access By.’ Be sure to click ‘Save Countries’ when finished.

Allowed Domains

Allowed domains enables you to limit where your video embed codes can load and play. It’s a straightforward way to prevent someone from copying the video embed code from your website and sharing it elsewhere.

You can set allowed domains at the account-wide level, meaning it will apply to all the videos in your account. Or, you can set allowed domains for individual videos, which will override any account-wide allowed domain settings.

When allowed domains are enabled for videos embedded on a website hosted by a third party, your videos will still load and play on your SproutVideo landing pages and video website according to their privacy settings.

Set Allowed Domains Account-Wide

First, select ‘Account Settings’ by moving your mouse over the person icon in the website’s top right corner. Then, scroll down until you see the allowed domains box and add in a list of domains or subdomains separated by commas for your site. When finished, click ‘Save Playback Settings.’

Set Allowed Domains Per Video

First, navigate to the video you wish to enable allowed domains for, scroll down, and click ‘Additional Video Settings.’ Click the ‘Domain’ button and add in a list of domains or subdomains separated by commas. Click ‘Save Settings For This Video’ to apply your changes.

Signed Embed Codes

Signed embed codes are an alternative to our Allowed Domains feature for preventing unwanted sharing of your video embed codes. While our Allowed Domains feature is based upon verifying the referrer information sent by the web browser, signed embed codes are based upon verifying a signature appended to your embed code that is generated using a secret signing key. Signed embed codes allow you to set an expiration time for your embed code so that a particular embed code is only valid for a limited time, ensuring that the embed code cannot be reused.

Note: These features are only available on certain plans. Review our pricing page to see which features are included with your plan or contact with any questions.

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